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February 23, 2014, Sermon Notes

Lessons in Leadership

February 23, 2014

Judges 2 & 3

A Godly Leader is Called of God.

            A Called Leader is Full of the Holy Spirit.

                        ~ Isaiah 6:8


            A Called Leader fulfills God’s Purpose.

                        ~ Job 42:2


A Godly Leader knows God.

            A Godly Leader models Character.

                        ~ I Timothy 3:2; Psalm 78:72


            A Godly Leader models Transparency.

                        ~ I Corinthians 11:1


A Godly Leader Serves God.

            A Humble Leaders who serves God is Selfless.

                        ~ Philippians 2:3 ~ 4


            A Humble Leader considers Self a Servant.

                        ~ Mark 10:45; Luke 22:26

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