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Preschool Update

The Christmas season is one of those times during the year for which people all over the world are preparing at the same time. While not everyone celebrates in exactly the same way, we all have a main focal point-the birth of our Savior. This year the children of our church are
performing a musical ‘Chris-Myth Busters’ that is a bit different from those you might remember. We will be discussing things that *gasp* might not be true about the Christmas story! It’s definitely an eye opener for the children who are learning the play (my daughter included). I have a feeling there are some adults out there that may have to check their Bibles a time or two as well. I hope that you will come and join us on December 18, to see this really fun event with a great message.

Lesley Tipton

Preschool Ministry Update

November is all about giving thanks, and this month I wanted to highlight someone in particular for whom I am thankful. Each ministry here at Tates Creek has core members that help keep things running smoothly, and Critterland is no different. Maia, Joan, Sara, and all of my other volunteers are always there for their scheduled shift, and are willing to do extra when needed. I love them all dearly and couldn’t imagine my area without any of them. But I would be in much trouble if Tara Waters wasn’t as involved. For the four and a half years I have been the preschool director, Tara has come along beside me and done anything asked of her, without complaint. She helps make all of the children feel welcomed and loved. Tara will leave service when it’s not her scheduled month to walk a baby around because she is the only one that can calm him down. She, as well as her boys and husband, will come early and stay late for any event that is going on church wide to set up and tear down. She is truly one of the great ones. Thank you Tara, from myself and all our kids.

Lesley Tipton

A Home for Our Family

I remember going to a wedding back at the beginning of the 2000’s. It was at a large church on Tates Creek Road. I remember thinking it was a very pretty place, but never thought much more about it. I had a home church of sorts in Northern Kentucky where my mother and I lived, but it wasn’t really somewhere that we went on a consistent basis.
Fast forward through the decade, Lucas and I got married and had Caitlan, but we still were not going anywhere every Sunday. We decided that we really needed to find a home for ourselves so that our daughter would be able to grow up knowing Jesus and all that He is. We ran into a family member and they invited us to come to their church, which just happens to be that same place I visited so long ago for the wedding. After only three Sundays, Lucas and I transferred membership to TCCC and haven’t looked back since. I became more involved with the preschool department, helping Judy with the little ones, and began attending a small group. We finally found what we were looking for, a home for our family. Through the years we have made such amazing friendships with so many people, and could not imagine going through life with anyone else. You may be thinking this is just because I’m a staff member, but I know that many of my friends share this same sentiment. We are there through the blessings and happy times, and we are also there to pick each other up when things drop out of nowhere and land hard. When I think of being a church member, family is what comes to the front of my mind, and there is no better one than what we have here.

Lesley Tipton

Freedom in Christ

I am most definitely a creature of habit. I like routine, order, staying on schedule. I don’t like surprises (I’ve ruined many birthday and Christmas gifts) and I get very anxious when any sort of big event is thrown unexpectedly at my feet. Because of this, I tend to worry more than I should about the outcome of everything. I obsess with details, thinking all situations that could happen through to the end. My husband recently relocated back to Lexington for his job after driving to Florence for two years. You would think I’d be over the moon, and I was, but I also worried, will he like this location, the people that are there? Will we still be able to keep the family floating if there is a change in funds?

Over the years, I’ve learned that while thinking things through for a short time is an important part of being an adult, becoming sick with worry is pointless. Why? One, it doesn’t do anything to help the situation. Two, it is an insult to God and his plan. He’s put me on the path I was meant to be on, and if the situation in front of me is difficult, well, I better look through it, try to see the other side, and trudge on.

In Luke 5, can you imagine how those who met Jesus and were asked to follow him immediately felt? They dropped everything and left! The Bible doesn’t tell us their thoughts, but I’m sure witnessing this man fill their nets with fish, where previously there had been none, was reason enough to realize something great was going to happen if they went with him. As followers ourselves we need to remember this (myself included). Because we believe in Jesus, because we know the incredible things he’s done, we need to follow Him, and not question it. As we always sing in our Critterland songs, He’s Got It.

Lesley Tipton

Critterland Gearing Up

School is on the horizon again. New backpacks, new supplies, new clothes, new schedules. Critterland will be undergoing some changes too, hopefully (stay tuned). In the meantime, we will continue to look toward teaching our kids the basic stories of the Bible, including old and new testament characters that we love to learn about. I could use your help! I have spots open in my 3-5 year old room for teachers and helpers. I also will have some extra openings helping Miss Joan and Miss Sara in our nursery, because we’re still getting all kinds of new babies, and they are adorable and so huggable. Please come join our team, I promise it will be some of the most fun you will have in the new year!

Lesley Tipton

Where is Our Hope?

We are all familiar with 1 Corinthians 13:13 “faith, hope, and love abide, these three, but the greatest of these is love”.  

Within these three things, love will always be the greatest, and I believe faith will always be the hardest.  So where does that leave hope?  We certainly use the word on a constant basis.  ‘I hope they bring our food next’ or ‘I hope you don’t think you’re going to get away with that’.  But what does that really mean?  What are we doing when we use it in that way?  Let’s really look at how hope affects us.
The world we are living in is certainly dark.  There are so many conflicts, domestic and foreign.  There are so many sad stories, children being killed, people being abused, and it’s all so difficult to comprehend.  Seeing these types of stories over and over leaves us feeling hurt, depressed, and as if there is nothing to do but wait for the Lord to come.  BUT then, we see stories that give us HOPE for our human race.  A neighborhood comes together to help a pregnant mom who has cancer.  A policeman making sure that children have enough to eat by helping their grandmother purchase food.  Children always making sure that other children, who may be ostracized by others, are included in activities.  These things make us see that the world has not gone completely corrupt.  There are still positives, there is still love.  We may be living in the end times, when everyone around us is turning toward the negatives of this world, but we must continue to look to the fact that there are many who continue to believe in Jesus, and we must make sure not to lose our hope in his second coming.  The hope that we continue to have is what helps keep the world around us a positive place.  Keep yourself positive.  Keep yourself hopeful.

Lesley Tipton

VBS Upcoming

I’m sure almost all of us remember going to at least one Vacation Bible School when we were kids. I remember quite a few of them actually. While I don’t remember exactly what the lessons might have been, I do remember the excitement and the energy that the adults had that were in charge. I remember their enthusiasm, and that they cared for the kids and what we were learning.
The goal that Matt and I have for the VBS here at Tates Creek is simple…that the kids have a fun, unforgettable experience while making sure they understand the main point, that God loves them. We also make a huge push for local missions, and the kids are thrilled to help outreach with different projects for the community.
We want a team of people with us that are willing to do these same things! How about it? Are you willing to join our team July 11-14 from 9 am to12 pm? Are you excited to help kids learn about God? Or do you have a child you would like to have come join us? Ages 3 years to 5th grade. I promise, we are going to have a ton of fun that week, both adults and kids!

Lesley Tipton

Faith in God’s Plan

The second day that I was in the hospital with my son, Conner, the nurse came in and informed my husband and me that he had failed his hearing test. Shaken, a few days later we were with our pediatrician and were assured that 95% of children who fail their first test will pass their second. We tried to have faith that things would come back normal. Conner failed his second test, and we were given the diagnosis of almost profound hearing loss. I tried to stay positive, but on the way home I lost it in the car. My husband Lucas called and reiterated that even though we had been given this diagnosis, it would in no way slow us down. He told me to have faith in God and his plan for our son. There were so many options to make our son hear as normal as possible.
As the months went on, we became more at peace with the idea that he was essentially deaf, and began researching cochlear implants and hearing aids. For his next test, we were given the better news that he was moderately hard of hearing and that only hearing aids were needed to correct the problem. We had to find the $3,000 for the hearing aids, but we had faith that it would be provided. It was, and Conner began hearing sounds and responding more often. Unfortunately, he got a double ear infection and due to the hearing loss the ENT decided that tubes would be necessary to alleviate the risk for more loss.
In July of 2014 we went for Conner’s next hearing test. Lucas and I had prayed that his hearing loss would be made better by the surgery and we continued to have faith in God. The results were in, and our son was hearing at a completely normal level. To this day, we are unable to believe that he was ever in the profound loss range, as he is extremely verbal and communicative. The situation made our faith in God’s plan much stronger and throughout the process we knew, no matter what, our son’s path was going to be alright.

Lesley Tipton

Building a Strong Foundation

Right now, our daughter very much wants to be in gymnastics. She cartwheels around the house, makes up different moves that she says are brand new, and kicks her brother in the head more often than not with her handstand dismounts. As a parent, I’ve been working on finding somewhere for her to go in the summer that can help her learn some of the actual fundamentals so she’s not breaking my furniture with her new routines. Her eagerness to learn this new skill is all encompassing. Thinking about her willingness to learn new things reminds me of someone who may be learning about Jesus for the first time (such as my little ones). The story is so exciting, so new, but there’s also so much information to take in that it can become overwhelming. For others, the sporadic information one may grab from the internet, is not enough to really get the whole story. When we are trying to encourage those who may not yet have a relationship with Jesus, I think it is so important to make sure that we build a strong foundation with a person, both in their learning of the Gospel, as well as the personal relationship. As Matthew 7:25 reminds us, the best foundation is that which is founded on the Word of the Lord.

Lesley Tipton

Thanks, Guys!

I would like to take my space in this issue to thank those gentleman of the church who serve in Critterland. These gentleman, Bruce Mattingly, Alan Clem, Mark Isenhour, Larry Bugg, Lucas Tipton, Jeff Roberts, and my high school guys have made such a difference in the lives of our little ones. We have one little child in particular that is only happy in the nursery when one of our gentlemen volunteers holds him! They are not only a comfort to the children, they also show up and become a great role model for the kids. Preschool children respond wonderfully to male influence when being taught, and it gives them a different perspective on things when they are more used to their female teachers and helpers. I am so grateful for your willingness to serve, and hope that your example will lead more of the males in the congregation to think about an active role in the children’s ministries!

Lesley Tipton

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