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Something to Ponder

I don’t know if you all ponder things such as I do, but one of the things that I have pondered all the years of my life is: how can we, during these summer months, put salt in our ice cream freezers to cause the ingredients to freeze and then turn around in the winter months and put that same salt on our roads and sidewalks to melt the snow and ice?  I’ve pondered that for as long as I can remember.  Now, I know I could ask people with more education than me to explain it, and there would be a scientific explanation for sure, but I prefer to ponder this amazing fact.  To know all the scientific processes would take all of the amazement out of it for me.

One of the things I’m certain would amaze our Heavenly Father, if He could in fact be amazed, is how we have the capacity to bless, encourage, and influence men toward Him.  Instead, we often operate in just the opposite way.  Jesus himself addressed that potential when He said, “Let your light so shine among men that they might see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.”  In simply saying that, He also acknowledged the possibility that we could do just the opposite.  Now, with the freezing of ice cream and the thawing of ice and snow, there is a reasonable scientific explanation, but what is the reasonable explanation for our acting contrary to the purposes of God?  There is no reasonable explanation is there?  We who have been called to a higher purpose too often fail to do so.  Perhaps we need to ponder more.  Ponder the riches we have in Christ Jesus.  Ponder the grace we have received in Christ Jesus.  Ponder the needs of people who don’t have Christ Jesus, and after pondering, expect to be amazed at the impact we can make for Him if we live for that higher purpose.
The Pondering Preacher,
~ Bro. Kim Beckwith, Senior Adult Minister     kimbeckwith@tatescreek.org

The New Math

There’s been a lot of controversy in recent years due to what is supposed to be a better way to teach math to children. In this new method (if I understand it correctly) it supposes the process one uses to find the answer is as important as getting the answer correct. Now that simple analysis may or may not be correct and I’m not competent to comment on which way is better, the old way or the new way, but what I am certain about is that 2 plus 2 still equals four. Just try to go to any bank and draw out $5.00 when you’ve only made two deposits of $2.00 and you will find that no matter the process you use you’re not going to get the $5.00. It is essential we learn those mathematical truths or laws in order to be able to function successfully in society. In the very same way, there are spiritual truths, spiritual laws, which we must recognize if we are going to be successful in our Christian walk. Jesus spoke one of those truths when He said, “You are the light of the world.” We can easily understand that can’t we? How many of us have stubbed a toe at night in the darkness? It almost hurts to think about it, right? Well, there is a whole world out there walking in darkness. Is it any wonder there is hurt and brokenness all around? Jesus says the world needs us showing them where the dangers are, showing them a better way. But Jesus also clarifies what type of light we are to be in order to really show a better way. He says, “Let your light so shine among men that they might see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) The spiritual truth is we have to live a better way in order to show a better way to those who are walking in darkness. Even as 2 plus 2 will only equal 4, so also people will only see God when we add godliness to our lives. We can try other processes and techniques but it will still come back to this simple truth, if people are going to know it we have to show it. As the old song said, “You are the finger of God don’t you see? You know somebody who is in need. Point them to Calvary, show them the way. You are the finger of God today.”

~ Bro. Kim Beckwith

The Harvest

Right now in our nation’s center a yearly event is happening.  That event is the wheat harvest where  custom combine companies start in the south where the wheat ripens earliest and by summer’s end find themselves bumping on our nation’s northern border.  Many people in this part of the country are probably unfamiliar with what custom combining is all about.  If they are familiar with it, few have likely had the opportunity to witness three or more huge 32 row combines running side by side thru a 1,000 acre wheat field day and night.   It is a sight that is majestic and wondrous to behold.  What once would take a lone farmer a month to accomplish can now be accomplished in days or even hours.  Many farmers have determined not to invest in their own combine, which in this day and time could cost them more than their home.  They instead contract with a custom combining group to do it for them, and the combination of the size and number of the combines makes quick work of even the largest fields.

In Matthew’s gospel, the writer speaks of Jesus’ teaching considering the harvest, and central in that teaching is the idea that more workers are needed.  Just as farmers planting bigger fields found they needed more and bigger combines because of the enormity of the task, so also, Jesus clearly viewed the multitude of lost souls as an enormous task.  He told us to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out workers into His field.  As beautiful and majestic as it is to see the coordination of combines harvesting wheat, it pales in comparison to the beauty and majesty of the saints coordinating efforts for the salvation of souls.  Brothers and sisters, the Lord never intended on us doing the work alone but rather together.  The multiplication of efforts and the multiplication of talents is the only way the task can be completed and it is the only way to keep us as individuals from becoming depleted.

Farming is far different today from the time the Lord spoke about when He spoke about the harvest, but the principle is the same.  Success depends on the multiplying of efforts and resources, not from working alone.  If not already a part of it, why not sign on to be part of the greatest, most inspiring and magnificent harvest.  That is the Lord’s harvest.

Kim Beckwith

Legacy of Faith

It was the summer of 1970 when my parents came to me and told me I was being moved out to the garage, bed dresser, and all.  Now it was an adventure for me due to the fact that the garage was on the opposite side of the house from where the rest of the bedrooms were, particularly my parent’s room.  That meant I could play the radio and record player as loud and late as I wanted.  The reason I was sent to the garage was not due to my desire to play loud music, but rather due to the fact that my grandmother was coming to stay for the summer.   I will never forget that summer because of the adventure I had in living in the garage.  But there is something else that reminds me of that summer.  It was during that summer of 1970 that my grandmother walked forward on a Sunday morning’s invitation hymn and expressed her desire to complete her obedience to the Lord in Christian baptism.

My grandmother was not new to the faith.  She was a faithful member of a denominational church in her home town that sprinkled rather than immersed.  Through her study and discussions with my mother and the minister at our home church, she became convinced that she needed to be baptized by immersion.  She did that because she was a woman of great faith all of her life and one who refused to be found wanting in her faith and obedience.  My mother found her faith from that woman.  My mother, too, was a woman of great faith who would not be found wanting in her faith and obedience.  I found my faith from my mother, my daughter found faith in our home, and her daughter, our granddaughter, was baptized into Christ by that same faith passed down.  Now, I don’t know if my grandmother was the first in the faith or if she received it through her mother and father.  I can only chronicle it through 5 generations, but I do know it started somewhere, this legacy of faith.  I’m thankful that it did.  It has to start somewhere, leaving a legacy of faith, so why not with you?  It’s truly the greatest legacy you can leave because it’s the only legacy that will last forever!

Kim Beckwith

Senior Adult Ministry

We are gearing up for our spring and summer activities for our senior adults and that includes the day trips beginning again.  Our first day trip is April 27th and we will be journeying to New Albany and the Derby Dinner Theater for their presentation of the comedy “Sister Act.”  Our departure time is 9:00 am and the cost for this trip is $35.00 which covers both a great meal and the program.  The following month our trip date is May 25th and it will take us to Cincinnati to the Center For Holocaust Humanity and its program entitled “Ann Frank: A History for Today.”  Our departure time will be announced for this as the date gets closer.  June brings us to the annual outing to Johnson Christian University and its program for senior adults.  This week long event known as Senior Saints in the Smokies is always a rich time of fellowship and encouragement.  Our day trip for June will be on June 22nd and we will be journeying to Bardstown for the Stephen Foster Musical.  These are events for which we need to register early as tickets will sell out.  Please let me know right away if you want to be included in one or all of these activities, but trips are not the only things happening for our senior adults.  We also have our monthly lunch meeting known as BWAC or Better With Age Club.  This meets each 3rd Thursday at 10:30 am and we hope to involve more in this fellowship.  If you are retired why not consider joining us for this monthly event.  I would also remind you of our Wednesday morning Bible study which meets each week at the church at 10:30 am.  We have a great crowd which gathers each week for this study and we would like to encourage anyone else desiring spiritual feeding and fellowship to join us.  I hope you will consider becoming involved in our programs for senior adults if you haven’t been previously.  If you have, encourage someone else, and let’s enjoy an even sweeter fellowship this year than last!

Kim Beckwith

Grace is our Foundation

The theme of the series we are involved in right now is “The Grace Foundation.”  When I hear the word “foundation,” a building project automatically comes to my mind.  You see, I have been a builder all of my life.  From the time I was a little boy I have been nailing boards together, and through the years learned enough to build my own home and build church buildings as a licensed contractor.  Because of my tendency to want to always nail boards together, my longsuffering wife has had to live in a continual construction zone, as I can’t stop myself from fixing what I see wrong or changing something that could be improved upon.  Just ask her, she’ll tell you of the many messes she’s had to live with through the years we’ve been married.  Right now she’s dreading the next project in our home as I am going head to head with a continually cracking spot of sheetrock.  I say continually cracking because I’ve already patched it 3 times.  That tells me something else needs to be done.  You see the floor is sagging because it’s improperly supported.  I know the solution is to support the sagging floor with a foundation.  Problems always occur in a building when it is inadequately supported.

Now forgive me for using that very earthy illustration, but that is why our efforts at multiplication often fail.  They are not supported, not built upon grace.  I’m reminded of what the Apostle Paul said in Ephesians 2 where he said, “You are saved by grace through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.”  He says the foundation of our salvation is grace and grace is the solution for every life that is like a cracked wall.  Grace is the solution for lives that are like sagging floors, and, brothers and sisters, there are certainly a lot of people we encounter every day who are sagging floors and cracked walls.  Broken people are everywhere around us.

Now, to return to my analogy, that crack in the wall doesn’t bother my wife.  She knows a crack in the wall means a whole lot of mess if I undertake fixing it.  The trouble is, cracks in the wall trouble me.  I see the crack every time I walk thru the room and I can’t help myself, I have to fix it.  I know it will mean a mess, and I admit I often underestimate the time, effort, and money it will take, but again, I have to do it….It’s in my DNA.  Now the question for each of us is, are we bothered by the cracks in the wall or not?  Can we overlook broken people like my wife can overlook a crack in the wall?  Unfortunately, we far too often can and do because we look at their lives as being one big mess….a mess we don’t want to get involved in.  The reality is, however, that is not our DNA.  In that Ephesians passage on grace Paul speaks to those of us who have received that sure foundation, and he says we have been “created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”   That work is foundation repair.   Yes, it is a messy work.  Yes, we’ll have to get our hands dirty.  Yes, it will be time consuming and effort filled, but people need that sure foundation in their lives.  People need the Lord Jesus Christ and the grace He gives.  Isn’t our DNA demanding that of us?  The words of an old song speak a timely truth for us all.

“We are called to take His light to a world where wrong seems right.

What would be too great a cost for sharing life with one who’s lost?

Through His love our hearts can feel all the grief they bear.

They must hear the words of life only we can share.

People need the Lord, people need the Lord 

At the end of broken dreams, He’s the open door.

People need the Lord, people need the Lord.

When will we realize that we must give our lives?

For people need the Lord.

People need the Lord.”

Tell me brothers and sisters, how’s your DNA?

Kim Beckwith

Senior Adult Ministry Update

It is hard to imagine that a new year is now upon us, but imagination is not reality. The reality is 2017 is upon us and with it a host of activity. Some of these activities are new and some of them are continuing from years past, but all of them are our opportunities to live life together in the Lord. First of all, our Pairs and Spares Banquet is just around the corner and we are currently registering for this grand event. If you are new in our midst, or didn’t participate last year, just ask someone who did and I am certain you will want to be part of it this year. Seating is limited for this event which is going to be held the evening of Friday, February 10, so get your registration in right away to secure your place. Registration cut-off will be January 31, don’t delay.

Another activity is our Senior Saints in the Smokies which is scheduled for June 5-9. We always take a good group to this great program and we will begin registering for this soon. Along with these special events our monthly BWAC meeting continues as do our monthly day trips. As the Apostle Paul requested when he said “make my joy complete by being likeminded” so also we would like you to be like minded with us in seeing that the best times in the Lord’s kingdom are the times spent together in fellowship. For those who have reached those years often referred to as “golden”, join us for our 2017 programs. The years might not be golden, but the fellowship we enjoy certainly is!

Kim Beckwith

Giving is the Gift

As Christmas is just around the corner, I find myself reminiscing about those best Christmases from the past, the earliest being my 5th Christmas. I remember it sparsely as it has been many, many, MANY years ago, but I remember two things clearly. The first is the Lionel train set that was underneath the tree. My memory of that is very clear, even down to the corner of the room where the Christmas tree was setting in our home in Michigan. My second memory of that Christmas is all three of us children being lined up to take a spoonful of castor oil before we went to my Aunt’s house. One thing I don’t remember is why we had to ingest that awful stuff. I suppose it was viewed by my mother as being good for us, but perhaps it was to protect us from my Aunt’s cooking. Either way, it was done with fingers closing our noses. I remember that being when I was 5 years old because the following month we moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a memorable time in my life. I don’t remember how old I was when I got the erector set for Christmas, nor do I remember how old I was when the chemistry set was under the tree, but I remember building endless things with the erector set and conducting many experiments with the chemistry set.

As I have grown older the memorable Christmases have become not about things received, but of things given, like the year I gave my
son-in-law golf clubs for Christmas. I remember giving him those clubs every time we go golfing and he hits the ball straighter, farther, and more accurately than I. Not to mention, he always has a better score. Think about this for a moment. The major difference between giving and receiving is the fact that giving costs us something while receiving doesn’t. Just like with my son in law. I always tease him about me buying his clubs for him only to have him show me up. Those clubs cost him nothing but they cost me not just the initial investment, but also continuing humiliation when we golf together! No, that’s not the case. In reality I gave him those clubs and I submit to always being beaten because I love my son-in-law. I enjoy seeing him do what he enjoys doing. That’s the difference between giving and receiving. Receiving is enjoying the blessing ourselves while giving enjoys seeing others blessed.

In 1 Corinthians 13, the Apostle Paul speaks about when we are children we act like children and think like children, but in growing up and putting away childish things, we think and act differently. Paul was speaking of the need to grow up spiritually, and the transition from Christmas being about receiving to being about giving is that type of maturity. We all like to receive gifts, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but we are living in a culture that is increasingly all about self-entitlement and I can assure you there is little reward in the end. Nothing there can ever compare to the blessing I have in golfing with my son-in-law, and now seeing my granddaughter being a budding golfer on her high school team. Where is the cost to me? Where is the humiliation to me? It is all erased by the joy of giving! Friends, those chemicals in that chemistry set have long since been used up, and the parts and pieces of that erector set have long since been lost. Even the Lionel train set, save for this purpose, has long since been forgotten. But the blessing received by a gift given continues to be mine! I urge you not to miss such a blessing this season….the blessing of giving rather than receiving.

Kim Beckwith

Senior Adult Ministry Update

The year is fast drawing to an end and the activities and the busyness of the holidays make it seem like the time just races past. As these last two months of the year are now upon us, there are some special events and programs planned for our senior adults. First of all, our Better With Age Club meeting on November 17 will be held at Sayre Christian Village instead of our normal meeting place here at the church. Sayre provides a Thanksgiving dinner for us each year and this year we will be hosted at their facility.
Then, December starts off in a grand way as we journey down south to the “Christmas In The Valley” program at Renfro Valley. Friday, December 9th is the date and our departure time will be about 4 pm in the afternoon. This will be a buffet dinner and holiday music program so contact us here at the church if you want to join us. Tickets are limited so call us right away to secure your place. Finally, our December BWAC meeting will be special as we will have the Diggles Family come and share songs of the season. They are always a favorite and I know we will be blessed. If you are a senior adult we hope you would join us for these and all our future activities. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Kim Beckwith

Membership, Fellowship

I was a member of a volunteer fire department when I was a younger man and it was a great camaraderie we shared. We met every Monday evening for a meeting where we trained, maintained the equipment, and just had a good time together. Occasionally, we would have special events where we would meet on a Saturday to practice our skills such as rescuing from heights, connecting the pumpers to hydrants, and the proper operation of the jaws of life tool, which was designed to extricate people from wrecked vehicles. I always looked forward to Monday nights because I enjoyed the guys and the time spent together. Despite the fun we had, it was a serious business. The purpose was not the camaraderie, the training, or the proficiency using the equipment. The purpose was that of protecting life and property. I remember very vividly fires we fought and accidents where we employed the jaws of life.

When thinking about being a church member, I think it is much the same as my being a member of that fire department. There is a rich fellowship here. We spend time learning together and becoming proficient in the Word of God. But again, despite the joy we share together here, we are involved in a serious business. It is the business of saving souls. It is the business of battling the fires of Hell. It is the business of rescuing people from the wreckage of broken lives. Now despite the fact that fire fighting can be a dangerous business, no fire fighter would hesitate to involve themselves in the effort. How much more commitment to the task we should have when the fate of people’s souls hang in the balance! May our commitment to the task be as strong, or even stronger, than the bond of love we share at our meetings on Sunday!

Kim Beckwith

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