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Church Camp Changes Lives!

I LOVE CHURCH CAMP!  I have always loved church camp.  Spending time away from all the distractions of the world, a slower paced schedule, simple fun, meeting new friends, and building on the relationship with old friends.  Since I have been on staff with TCCC, it has been a tremendous blessing to serve with Michael Fann, Evan Saxton, Adam Tipton, and Keith Johnson at camp each summer.  Each year these men, their families, and so many incredible counselors dedicate their summer time to making Jesus real to children.  They share their testimonies, draw kids into personal relationships, and the results can’t be ignored.    I failed to share my favorite part of camp though.  My favorite is when a kid comes to me ready to surrender their life to Jesus!  This year we knew we were going to see this at least once, but even this situation was unique.  A boy named Bodie from Peru, Indiana, had attended camp with our group for the past several years.  This year he was too old for 7-11 camp, but his sister joined the counseling staff.  A month before camp I received a request to baptize Bodie at the end our 7-11 camp week.  We made plans for this to happen and we shared this news with the other campers during the week.    Then, on night one at camp my son Onah tells me he wants to get baptized also!  Proud dad moment for sure and we set a time to talk with him more about making a decision.  Soon after that day, Caitlan Tipton and Izzy Lukins had also decided to make a decision.  Then, on Thursday, Ethan Waters asked to get baptized as well.    By the time we returned to church from camp at the end of July, 4 kids from TCCC were going to begin their walk with the Holy Spirit in their hearts!  They came back to church on fire for Jesus and their friends now want what they have.  They want forgiveness and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  In the past 2 weeks I have given out so many rescue manuals (our guide to a relationship with Jesus) that I lost count.  I even shared with the new Stretch 456 group that Jesus was going to soon take over the group and then something special was going to happen!    Church camp changes lives!  I can’t wait to see where the Lord leads these children next.  Watch out church, preteens with the Holy Spirit are coming soon!

~ Matt Lee

The Journey

Breast Cancer Support

In 1999, five ladies who are all breast cancer survivors started having lunch together.  We did this hoping to bring some form of support to each other.  After a few months everyone wanted to reach out to others starting the breast cancer journey.

We visit and encourage anyone in this journey.  It is very important for this person to know there is life after breast cancer.  We take her a basket filled with different items she can use at this time, such as stationary, thank you notes, stamps, journals, socks etc.  Every basket we deliver  ALWAYS contains the Word of God.

This is an outreach ministry to precious ladies who are going through a journey in their lives.  God has blessed this ministry.  All the items in the baskets are donated by wonderful people who want to help others.

Please let us know if you have someone who can use a visit and a basket.



Mary McKinley

Phone ~ 223-9781

E-Mail:  marandfrank@windstream.net

“I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.”  

Psalm 118:17


Barnabas Ministry

A Helping Hands Ministry. . . provided through the Men’s Ministry Team

The Barnabas Ministry started as a response to a growing need to help those in our congregation who have physical needs they cannot do for themselves.  This is especially true of widows/widowers and elderly members of Tates Creek Christian Church.  These needs include things like simple home maintenance and repairs, yard work, snow removal, moving furniture, etc.  It also may include transportation needs such as getting to the store, a doctor’s appointment, or just odd jobs that need to be done.

If you have a need, simply contact Chris Lee at 859-684-7240 or by email at chris@heritagemortgageconsultants.com.  We will post the need to our roster of men and see who can help, then contact to make arrangements to complete the task.  This Ministry helps fill a need to so many of our members, and provides a rewarding method for our Men to serve.  As our needs grow, we are always looking for more fellas to join our helping hands list.  If want to be included on the roster please contact Chris Lee and give him your phone and email. ~ Chris  Lee

Here is a note from the Rieffer family who needed help a couple months ago.

   “My parents, Ric & Hope Rieffer, attend your church. Several of your church’s members showed up this past Saturday to help my parents move.  I work in the morning on the weekends and couldn’t get there till 12:30 to help.  I was blown away when I arrived to discover all these people who’d nearly already completed the move.  And it wasn’t like these were close friends of the family. I’m not even sure my parents knew everyone, or maybe anyone. 

   It was so heartwarming to see so many people joyfully giving their time and service to people they don’t even know – especially to move, which is maybe the least desirable favor anyone can ask of someone.  Without their help, it would’ve taken my brother, my wife, and I all day Saturday, Sunday, and likely the following weekend to complete the move.  We’d already checked into pricing for the move and it was just going to be too expensive. 

   My parents were involved in ministry for many years before becoming teachers and retiring. It seems to me that every time they’re in need and ask God for help, He delivers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed it. Also, for as long as I can remember, my dad has never said no to anyone in need. And obviously, you have several people like him within your congregation. I’m extremely thankful for them.

   Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!“    ~ Daniel Rieffer

Mission Trip to Niger, Africa

I was away for two weeks with a team put together by the Lexington Leadership Foundation.  It was a great experience as I got to teach on discipleship principles.  There were about 90 Africans in attendance at the 3 day pastors’ conference, including the wives.  We had the women separate for one day.  The first day they just stared at us with blank faces as if to say who are you?  The first talk was ‘God Loves You!’ (Psalm 139).  They were given the post card showing rays of love coming down from heaven.  Then they all marched around the room singing Jesus Loves Me, The Bible tells me so (led in their language by the missionary).

A second teaching was on the 91st Psalm.  We left them with this card showing the Holy Spirit dove hovering over African ladies.

I got to teach about 7 times (some repeated to different audiences).  We ministered to pastors in training and young people who are new Christians.They are housed during the week for one year for a discipleship school to ensure they get grounded and do not return to the muslim religion. We visited the elementary school, ministered in villages, attended a FOUR hour church service, and met many of the pastors and wives who were not at the conference.  The conference was in Maradi (an 8 hour drive from Niamey, the home base).

It was heart breaking to hear the muslims have burned 54 churches in Niamey.  The dedicated missionaries build them back with support from donors in the United States.  Christianity continues to make up a very small percentage of the population, but the number has grown more than 10 fold over the past 20 years.

It inspires me to read, “No one should get to hear the gospel twice until everyone has heard it once.”  Hudson Taylor said, “The great commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.”  This motivates me to go.  Some go in person, some in prayer support, and some in finances. All are a very important part of fulfilling the great commission.

Peggy Park

Church Under the Bridge

In early November our small group, which is made up of young married couples, hosted Church Under the Bridge at Broadway Christian Church downtown. This included providing music, a devotional sermon, serving dinner, and visiting. Church Under the Bridge is a church service provided for the homeless and marginally homeless population in Lexington. There are some dedicated individuals with Church Under the Bridge that facilitate the service every Sunday year-round and were there to give us direction and provide some supplies. At the service we hosted, there were about 50 individuals and many of them regularly attend.
The service started out with music. The Church Under the Bridge has a choir that is made up of some regular attendees. They sang beautifully and their joy was obvious as they sang. The devotional was next in which ‘the armor of God’ from Ephesians 6 was the topic. The attendees were very attentive and interactive and their appreciation was very apparent. After the church service the meal was served by our small group. At the time, I was about 35 weeks pregnant so I chose a task where I could sit most of the time (pouring and serving drinks). I received many well-wishes and even some hugs. One gentleman even offered to take over for me. We then cleaned up and some of the attendees stuck around to help.
Serving at this service was a humbling experience. Most of the folks attending do not have much at all as far as possessions and money go. However, many had joyous and thankful hearts that were apparent. Many of their worries are far more concerning than mine, but they didn’t let that stop them from worshipping the Lord. Their authenticity was quite refreshing and renewing to me.
Serving at Church Under the Bridge was a wonderful experience but also challenging for me as an introverted person. However, I would definitely serve again and would recommend to anyone to take that opportunity as well.

Randi Feltner

Operation Christmas Child

Every minute somewhere in the world 4 children are sold into slavery, 14 die of HIV & related illness, 12 die from malnutrition and countless others are being recruited by terrorist groups. BUT, because of the eternal power of a simple shoebox gift, every minute 19 children hear the gospel, 5 enroll in The Greatest Journey discipleship program (after receiving a box), 4 graduate from the program and 2 children come to Jesus!
For the ministry of Operation Christmas Child the goal of the shoebox gift is always about The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) which is evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication. The gift is the tool used by God to open a child’s heart to receive the good news of Jesus or to show His sovereign hand!
The TCCC Women’s Ministry invites our church to once again join together to pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in order to reach a 2016 church goal of 300 boxes! Use a standard size shoebox or pick up free boxes and packing info in the Main Foyer beginning October 2. The deadline for returning boxes to the Welcome Center is November 6. If questions, contact Shelley Maxwell at maxwell40514@hotmail.com or Kim Jones in the church office. A quality shoebox will include a “wow” item such as a stuffed animal, toy car, ball, or doll along with a few school supplies, hygiene items, and other small toys. A note to the recipient is treasured! OCC brochures are available to provide a boy/girl label to tape to the top of your box and an envelope for a $7 shipping donation (write checks to Samaritan’s Purse) which can be placed inside the box.
Be sure to PRAY over your box because every packed gift enables God to begin to write an incredible story!
Impact Story: Dania and her family were Christians living in an area of the world where 95% are unbelievers. They were poor and suffered persecution for sharing their faith. But they trusted in God and learned how to pray for every need including a desire for a radio so they could be connected to local and world news. When Dania received a shoebox gift she was so excited about each brand new and special item, but imagine her family’s surprise when they discovered tucked into her box a radio! God encouraged them greatly with an answer to their prayers!!

For more packing ideas, impact stories,
and to learn how to follow-your-box, visit the OCC website at

Operation Christmas Child

Children’s Ministry

Why is Children’s Ministry a big deal?  My response is typically pretty simple, Jesus talked about the fields being ripe for harvest. While many people have a different idea of where these fields are, every time I read this I think of children’s ministry.  I think of how hungry the kids are to learn more about God’s word.  They are literally soaking up the love of God as much and as often as they can!  I think about witnessing the children in Critterland reciting their way through the books of the Bible.  I think about their soil being soft and ready for the seeds of love planted in their hearts.  I think about challenging children to serve others and how they jump at the opportunity with excitement as if they are stretching to reach the power of the Son.  When a child gives their life to Jesus it is amazing! They do it with so much purity, excitement, and energy that all those witnessing must smile.
At TCCC we have a ready and willing team to pour love and time into your child to help them grow.  Why is children’s ministry a big deal?  We exist to make sure every child grows closer to Jesus!  If we don’t have a ripe harvest field then the church won’t survive the coming seasons!

Matt Lee

My First Mission Trip

I had no idea what I was in for while our bus drove through Larned, Kansas. I was starting to think this trip would be boring as I looked at the view of the same landscape for nearly two hours. I had been a part of the youth group for 6 years and it was the first chance I had to leave Kentucky for mission work. I was excited for the new experience but also nervous that the trip would be a bust.

When we finally arrived in Dodge City, Kansas, we started to set up everything we needed inside a local church. Our mission sounded like a very simple one, host a VBS for the children who lived in the area. Our youth group made it more of a success than I thought it would be. We split up jobs, some doing crafts or playing games with the kids, some were team leaders who would lead a group to their next activity, and I would tell the children stories of the Bible. Each day became more fun than the last, the group loved the kids and we couldn’t get enough time with them.

The people of Dodge City were quickly changing from strangers to great friends. The trip taught me what compassion really was, as I watched my friends Darius and Brittany crying as they hugged children goodbye. I could see how much they cared for these kids and how much these kids cared for us after only a week together. We love Dodge City, Kansas, and while it may only be a tiny speck on the map to others, to us, it is an amazing memory.

Adam Johnson

Orphans Served in a God-Size Way

Everyone loves a great story! When the story involves God doing something BIG for orphans, the story becomes inspiring! So here is the story… In the beginning of January, the Psalm 82:3 Mission team, a team that serves orphans in Liberia and is led by several TCCC members, began a faith journey to bring reliable solar energy to the 18 children and staff while on their trip in June 2016. The total cost for this project, after shipping, would be nearly $21,000.
The first stop for our mission team was to connect with the Tates Creek Mission Ministry team. After sharing the story, a gift of $10,000 was pledged from TCCC in hopes that the team could raise the rest of the $11,000 needed by the end of January (an early deadline was set to give time for the items to be shipped to Liberia). The Psalm 82:3 team put together a video for Facebook and shared it as often as possible. At the end of two weeks, the Facebook page and several visits to churches had resulted in around $1,100 given. With three days left before our end of January deadline, we were about $10,000 short of the goal. Consideration was given to postpone the project, but the decision was made to see what happened in the next three days. Then, it happened! God moved and goals were met. Several gifts of $500 were given, two churches from Indiana gave nearly $4,000, and a foundation in Lexington gave $5,000! The goal was met, but that’s not the end of the story! Over the next two days, a trucking company, with whom we have an indirect contact, gave $2,500, and another church in Lexington gave $500. In the end, the total amount raised was 114% of the goal.
This brings the question from many, what do you do when God provides more than you think you need? In the mission world, this means you better hang on for the ride because God has something planned in a big, big way for the extra money! Stay tuned… this journey is just beginning for the mission team going to Liberia June 6th!

Psalm 82:3 Mission Team

The Surprise Christmas Card

In years gone by, I have written many tales. One such story was about my Mom prompting me to SEND, but not expect to receive, Christmas cards. The following is a story about a totally unexpected Christmas card sent to me.

Our church participates in a ministry, during the Winter months, which sponsors fourteen homeless men, two nights a month. Our church and the people from our Sunday school groups take care of these fellows for an “overnight stay” at our church. The ministry is call “Room in the Inn”! Very appropriate.
The men are picked up dowtown, brought to our church, fed a hot meal, and provided a warm safe place to sleep for the night. Early the next morning, at 5 am, they are awakened to get ready for the day. They take care of putting up their bedding while the hot breakfast is being prepared. After breakfast, they pick up a sack lunch and usually a couple extra, board the bus, and go back downtown for another lonely day.
I have participated in the “Room in the Inn” ministry for several years. In 2013, however, I was physically unable to participate in the ministry. You see, I was the bus driver, the guy who made the wakeup call, usually helped sling chow around in the kitchen, then drove them back downtown.
Because I was not able to participate, agitate, and be around the guys, I decided to write a “cover letter” and make out a Christmas card for each of the fellows. My buddy agreed to read the note to all the guys and give them their Christmas cards from me. What more could a guy ask for?
Several days later, I got a call from my buddy. He told me that one of the guys had used my Christmas card, and made it out to be delivered to me. Talk about a surprise! The fellow had taken the top part of my card and printed this note for me.

“Jim, thank you for the card. I have nowhere to keep it.
But I’d like to give it back to you with wishes of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family and I’ll be praying for you to get better and many years to come. Merry Christmas, “K” “

Jim Regan

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