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Missions Moment

Greetings from the Syversons!

We have been serving in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico for 16 years and are so excited for the next season of ministry in Mexico.  Currently we are based in Lexington and enjoying the wonderful blessing of the TCCC mission house.  We will be visiting partnering churches in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois over the next couple of months.  Although we are traveling quite a bit, we would love the opportunity to meet and fellowship with many of you during our time in Lexington.  Please email at GregSyverson@cmfi.org or call (voice calls only) at 217-718-4140.

Here is what is happening in Mexico…  Over the last few years we have been focusing much of our ministry efforts investing in the lives of young people.   The energy and faith of the children and youth is contagious and powerful!

A few years ago, God gave us a vision to see 100 churches planted in 10 years.  That number frightened us because we didn’t see it as “humanly possible” but we realized that God hasn’t called us to do what is “humanly possible” but rather He has called us to do “greater things”.   As we have prayed and strategized we have felt God leading us to train young people (and the young at heart) to be church planters using a rapidly multiplying church planting model.  In fall 2018, we will be opening a training center to train bi-vocational church planters that will work in all parts of Mexico and even in other parts of Latin America.  We are excited about this “God-sized” vision that will impact Mexico and beyond.  We already have young people from other parts of Mexico and other countries interested in coming to be trained and work with us in the ministry.  We are very excited about what God is doing!  We covet your prayers as we spend the next several months planning, promoting, and recruiting future church planters.

Along with this vision we know that God will also lead us into the most effective ways to partner in the relief efforts from the recent devastating earthquakes in Mexico.  Our desire is to be the “hands, feet, and heart of Jesus” to people who have lost so much.  Thank you for your prayers for Mexico.

Greg & Vicki Syverson

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