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Psalm 82:3 Vision

Psalm 82:3 Mission was created with the vision of taking care of orphans in Monrovia, Liberia.  For the past few months, the Psalm 82:3 Mission team felt God pulling us in a new direction.  The moratorium on adoptions had been lifted, children at the AFAA house were being adopted, and we felt that God was telling us that we needed to help those beyond the capital city.

Matt Lee, Doug Lee, Elizabeth Anderson, and I were blessed to go on the Vision Trip for Psalm 82:3 Mission to seek out God’s plan for our organization. Once we arrived in Buchanan, Liberia, I was reminded how His plan is so much more than anything we could’ve imagined.  Before our team even left the United States, God started opening doors for the organization.  Our project manager in Liberia, Morris Freeman, made a connection with a land owner willing to sell fifty acres of land to Psalm 82:3 Mission for $30,000.  We were also able to connect with a local pastor, Eric Roberts, who was ready and willing to show us the city of Buchanan and was passionate about introducing us to the people there.  Through these connections and new relationships built with the individuals in Buchanan, God showed us what He has planned for Psalm 82:3 Mission.

Therefore, a new vision was created.  A self-sustaining community center dedicated to serving the least (healthy and special needs orphan children and widows).  This center will be complete with an orphan village, a church, a school, an old folks home, 25 acres of agriculture and farming potential, therapy clinic, and medical clinic.  With this land we will also employ and empower Christian Liberians to invest into the lives of their children.  We also plan to partner with a Christian adoption agency to place the orphan children in Christ-centered homes.  All of this also means that more lives will be impacted than just children when you consider a country with over 85% unemployment.  The most exciting part is that we don’t view this as a forever project.  Our goal is that in 7-10 years the entire project will be funded entirely by Liberians, as we continue to partner and help when needed!

Please find Psalm 82:3 Mission on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!  We also have a banquet coming up on December 9th and are looking for table hosts to join us!  If you’re interested, please use the contact information listed below.

Marlee Mirre

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