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Can the Church Change a Culture?

Several years ago, Terah and I attended a Jesus Culture concert at Northern Kentucky University.  The concert was great and lots of fun with friends, but when I left there I wondered about the above question in our American culture.  During the concert a main speaker took the stage and he answered this question about what God is doing in China.  He told the story about a young couple that wanted to make a difference in a mall.  They began a simple prayer booth.  This was a small place for people to go if they needed to pray with someone.  The result in changing the culture was evident almost immediately.  The speaker went on to explain the police decided to leverage this prayer group for their benefit.  When they caught someone breaking the law they would give them a choice.  The violator could either be detained and taken to jail or he could agree to go to the prayer booth for prayer.  Nearly every time the choice was easy.  Go to the prayer booth.  What happened next was a little on the crazy side.  The prayer booth started to grow and take up more space.  More people stopped by and the crime at the mall went down considerably.

Can a church change the culture?  If it couldn’t, I would not be in children’s ministry telling the kids that through Jesus ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!    TCCC is a place committed to changing the culture.  The investment at Julius Marks Elementary hasn’t gone unnoticed by the community.  On August 10th a couple people joined the FCPS and Commerce Lexington to receive an award called the Golden Apple Award, (see page 16).  In fact, nearly every time I visit JME to say hi or eat lunch with a child I am told by at least one person, “I don’t know what we would do without your church.”

So why don’t we see more churches changing their culture or why have we not seen an even greater impact?  I think the answer is simple, we aren’t trained to look for what God is doing and give Him praise for His works alone!  Praise the Lord for the opportunities He has given our church family.  Praise the Lord for willing servants who tutor, give funds for backpacks, serve at Party in the Park, or have accepted the challenge to adopt a JME staff member.    The future of our community is brighter because we shared our Jesus light with the community!  As the world around us grows more dim with sin, our opportunity to shine brighter grows even larger.  Flip on your light and let it shine!

~ Matt Lee, Children’s Minister        matt@tatescreek.org

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