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Something to Ponder

I don’t know if you all ponder things such as I do, but one of the things that I have pondered all the years of my life is: how can we, during these summer months, put salt in our ice cream freezers to cause the ingredients to freeze and then turn around in the winter months and put that same salt on our roads and sidewalks to melt the snow and ice?  I’ve pondered that for as long as I can remember.  Now, I know I could ask people with more education than me to explain it, and there would be a scientific explanation for sure, but I prefer to ponder this amazing fact.  To know all the scientific processes would take all of the amazement out of it for me.

One of the things I’m certain would amaze our Heavenly Father, if He could in fact be amazed, is how we have the capacity to bless, encourage, and influence men toward Him.  Instead, we often operate in just the opposite way.  Jesus himself addressed that potential when He said, “Let your light so shine among men that they might see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.”  In simply saying that, He also acknowledged the possibility that we could do just the opposite.  Now, with the freezing of ice cream and the thawing of ice and snow, there is a reasonable scientific explanation, but what is the reasonable explanation for our acting contrary to the purposes of God?  There is no reasonable explanation is there?  We who have been called to a higher purpose too often fail to do so.  Perhaps we need to ponder more.  Ponder the riches we have in Christ Jesus.  Ponder the grace we have received in Christ Jesus.  Ponder the needs of people who don’t have Christ Jesus, and after pondering, expect to be amazed at the impact we can make for Him if we live for that higher purpose.
The Pondering Preacher,
~ Bro. Kim Beckwith, Senior Adult Minister     kimbeckwith@tatescreek.org

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