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I love to read.  I read all genres; mystery, contemporary, romance, historical fiction, dystopian.  All of it is fantastic (send me book recommendations!).  What I find interesting is that looking at the historical fiction, I notice a very strong theme in quite a few of the novels.  The church is extremely prevalent in the lives of the citizens of these books, and many have a very specific focus on prayer.  Let me say that these are not Christian literature, they are secular.  These writers are just making a point to put the facts in a way that correctly depicts the times as they were.  In contrast, the more contemporary secular books do not have these themes.  What happened?  Where did the shift start when those of us who have a very active life in the church were not the cultural norm but more the ‘odd’ ones of society?

While doing some digging around with Google, I found some different articles that mention the growing separation between church and state.  To be more clear, people are choosing to rely less on the laws of God and more on the laws of man.  While the Bible does tell us to obey the laws of the land (1Peter 2:13-17), the whole of the population has chosen to look toward only those laws and not God’s.  So what can we do?  How do we change this?  How do we turn people back to the church and to Jesus?  That’s a difficult task, to be sure.  We are in a post-modern and post-Christian society, especially in the United States.      We go outside our bubble.  We make ourselves invite friends, relatives, and neighbors who may not know the good news of Jesus.  That’s how our faith grew at the beginning, with the excitement and love those early Christians had for God and His Son.  Do you show that excitement and love in your day to day life?  Are you willing to step out and be a light to those around you?

~ Lesley Tipton, Preschool Director    lesley@tatescreek.org

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