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So Blessed

Last month we focused on subtracting “distractions” that keep us from being the servant of Christ we need to be. This month, we are looking at good ways to fill the gap provided by removing the items that distract us. We can all think of “things” that would be good to add, but today I am thinking about the people who are blessings.
When we look at the Beatitudes in Matthew 5, we find descriptions of people who need Christ. We should fall into at least one of those categories. As I look at the people described, I must focus on my interaction with each of these people described. Let’s take a look at each one:
Verse 3—How can I be an encourager to those who are “poor in spirit” or those who are discouraged?
Verse 4—When someone passes away, will I have a shoulder for “those who mourn” to lean on and know that sometimes I don’t have to say anything, but just be there.
Verse 5—We should encourage the “meek” or those who are enduringly patient. There are other definitions for this word, but we all probably need a little more “meekness”.
Verse 6—Wow! We need to hang around those who “hunger and thirst for righteousness”. Learn from them.
Verse 7—How hard it is to show “mercy”! How kind are we to people, even when it is difficult to love them?
Verse 8—Purity is so difficult in this world with so many polluted hearts. Pray for purity and holiness.
Verse 9—”Peacemakers”. We certainly need these people in our world and in our churches. Enough said.
Verse 10—Most of us do not know what it means to be “persecuted”. Many Christians outside of our country know this personally. We need to pray for Christians outside our borders and those who minister to them.
Verse 11—This verse hits the remaining areas: those who “insult” us, those who “persecute” us and those who “lie” about us. Do you feel blessed to know these people? This is a tough one.
Verse 12—REJOICE! For great is our reward.

~ Don Seevers

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