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Time for a “Home” Visit

We built a house…now it’s time to visit.
TCCC is sending a mission team to Yangon, Myanmar, to visit the home built by TCCC missions funds. TCCC held a naming contest for the home, and it is now known as the Care Cottage. It is one of the six homes in the Hopeful Hearts village. Twenty orphans call Care Cottage home and 120 orphans reside in the village. Each home is led by a pastor & wife team parenting the children. The homes are simple structures with basic living conditions; cooking & sanitation are outdoors.

The mission team’s goals include:
• Offering a VBS, with crafts and games for 210 orphans
• Providing small gift bags
• Planting jackfruit trees
• Building 3 honey bee hives
• Stringing barbed wire for a village security fence
• Purchasing trundle sewing machines and providing sewing lessons

Our evenings will be spent teaching “life skill” lessons to older children, graduates of the Hopeful Hearts village.

The mission team will be hosted by Samuel Thang, the minister who serves as the primary in-country contact for Hopeful Hearts in Myanmar.

The trip is being partially funded by $10,000 from missions funds. In addition, each team participant is raising funds for the trip. Additional funds are needed for supplies, jackfruit trees, sewing machines, etc. If you desire to help with any of our costs, please contact the Myanmar team members: Martha Bugg, Becky Child, David Eversole, Chad Gaddis, Tom & Waynetta Myers, and Pam White.

Please pray our mission glorifies God and reflects our love for Jesus. It is in Christ’s name we are going to Myanmar.

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