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Kids Serving at Sayre Christian Village

Early this year, our friends from Sayre Christian Village came to visit with our kids in Uptown to share about their ministry. They shared about what they do, how they serve, and even gave us a sample of playing Bingo together. At the end of the night we were challenged to take home Sayre Bears (little banks) to collect our spare change. The kids loved the visit, but they looked forward to the challenge of collecting extra money to help serve the wonderful people at Sayre. Each week the children returned their banks and the money added up to almost $50. Then, two weeks later we took the kids on an adventure to Sayre to visit and also paint with those living there. Our kids loved meeting the residents of the facility and helping them make amazing works of art on poster board.
As we entered the Spring session of Oasis, we talked about ways we could serve again. Together, we decided on two ways. We gave the spare change we collected to Sayre to celebrate one person’s birthday. We also began working hard to deliver a puppet show to our new friends.
Finally, the day came and our hard work was ready to be displayed at Sayre. The children worked as a team to carry all of the needed supplies to set up the puppet show. Once our sound challenges were fixed, we took over the stage. Our puppets (nearly 30 of them total) danced and sang to three upbeat songs. The audience loved it, and even requested to hear the entire program again! So we did. In fact, we were told they loved our visit so much, they recorded our performance to be played on every TV in their facility!
We truly enjoyed our time at Sayre, greatly enjoyed working with them, and look forward to visiting again on our next Truth Traveler adventure!

~ Matt Lee

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