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Proclaiming His Word through Missions

At a recent meeting of the Christian Missionary Fellowship (CMF) Board, David Giles, Director of the Church Catalyst Division, shared accountability information pertaining to the CMF missionaries. The good news is that there are more church plants and baptisms. The church plants for all of CMF missionaries during 2016 numbered 57, and the number of baptisms was 1,791.
Of particular interest to Tates Creek is the information pertaining to the CMF church planting team in Ethiopia where three of our missionaries served in 2016—Adrian and Jennifer Fehl, Travis and Emily Weeks, and Tyler and Katie Selby. God blessed the CMF Ethiopia church planting team with 13 new churches and an “estimated” 450 baptisms. The figure is estimated as access to statistics from the “bush” is not easy and some of the people groups see no need to keep statistics. Also, there were 5 church buildings built. As a reminder, Adrian and Jennifer Fehl have now returned to the states and Adrian serves as Executive Minister for the East 91 Street Church in Indianapolis. Our newest missionaries, Adam and Allison Giles, will be joining the church planting team later this year.
Also of interest to Tates Creek is the information pertaining to our missionaries in Pachuca, Mexico, Greg and Vicki Syverson. There were 42 baptisms reported by the team in Mexico during 2016.
The Tates Creek Christian Church missions ministry team takes very seriously the Great Commission and selects individuals who . . .give of themselves fully to the work of the Lord (I Cor. 15:58) and who are willing “to go” and share the story of Jesus. God continues to bless the ministries of our missionaries as they serve Him and move people along in the conversion process through many Spirit led activities in the name of Christ—relationship building, preaching, teaching, community health evangelism, cell groups, prayer, Bible study, and worship.
Continue to pray for our missionaries and their ministries.

~ Patsy Stice

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