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Remove Stumbling Blocks

Multiply through subtracting. This goes against everything we’ve learned in school, doesn’t it? Let me be honest and say that math is not my strong point, so this certainly began to confuse me more than I normally may be. However, when I began to consider the depth of multiplying the church through subtraction, things became clearer. We are to begin subtracting things that hinder us from doing the work that Jesus has put forth to us.

Before I became the preschool director here, I was working in secular administration positions. I was good at what I did, and worked full time. I made good money, and enjoyed it. One Sunday morning as I was getting prepared to help in Critterland, Judy mentioned that she was wanting to retire and I should look into replacing her. I said no, initially, because I was concerned I wouldn’t be making the money I needed to help support my family. This question was again proposed to me a few months later and this time I felt the call to act. I do make less than I would in the secular workforce, but what’s amazing is that God has always managed to take care of the needs of our family, especially right after I made the switch.

It is normal for us to be fearful of change, of taking things away that are comfortable. People, places, money, the many building blocks of our lives that we make for ourselves. We are humans, we are instinctively going to add to our stores for fear of hard times. What I’m trying to get across is that for us to really follow what God has planned for us, we need to listen to Him and take things away that are blocking our ability to reach those in need. Creating more disciples by taking away our comforts. Multiply through subtraction. Are you up for that challenge?

~ Lesley Tipton

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