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Minus 1…Minus 2…Minus 3

Even though I have had access to a calculator for many decades now, I still go through the discipline of subtracting amounts in my checkbook by using math skills taught to me in grade school. I always subtract (and add) amounts, THEN I check them with my calculator. Rarely is there a mistake and I guess I hope that by continuing to do this simple exercise, I will keep my mind a bit sharper as the senior years approach.
That is fairly easy for most of us, but subtracting things that distract us from the important things in our lives seems a lot more difficult. If we are honest, we have added more and more into our schedules throughout life and we seem overwhelmed. Do you remember the statement that computers would make our lives a lot simpler when we heard that “line” back in the 1970’s and 1980’s? Haha! That didn’t happen, did it? We are just able to do more and more things, but the computers really didn’t make our lives much easier. (I say that as I compose this article on my personal computer in my office.) Am I grateful for a computer? You bet! Our phones are computers now, but we just spend more and more time on them.
So what do we subtract when we feel overworked and overwhelmed? I cannot answer that for you, but I can guarantee you that there are things we feel are necessary that could be removed and we would be just fine, perhaps even better than we are right now. Perhaps we are involved in too many work activities. Or it may be too many commitments in the community. It may even be too many things at church!
Whatever that may be for me and for you, we need to be honest with ourselves and make hard decisions that will free us up for a better and deeper relationship with God, His Son, our family, and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We all have gifts and sometimes we find we are too busy to use the gifts given to us for God’s glory. Wow! That is really sad…too busy to enjoy using what God has given to us.
One more thing: I hear over and over again about people who have vacation that they do not use. They feel guilty about using it because there is so much to be done at work. I was taught many years ago that stepping away to relax and refresh actually makes me a better and healthier worker. I believe that Scripture teaches us that we need time to refresh. Just do it!

~ Don Seevers

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