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I have always loved summers in student ministry! There are tons of fun activities and things to do to connect students through building relationships. If you haven’t had a chance to grab a calendar please pick up a copy from me!

I wanted to take a few moments to highlight some specific opportunities to connect this summer!

Join us for High School Breakfast club several times during the summer. Breakfast club is a chance to hangout in small groups and have some focused Bible study with just a few students at a time. We will determine the location based on who signs up and what we want to eat 😉 Sign up with Geoff.

Middle School Lunch bunch: Come hang out with the wild and crazy Middle school group. We will hit up various locations throughout the summer. You must sign up in the Middle school room in order to have a spot. Dates will available in June.

Girls’ Bible study: Are you interested in digging deep into the Bible while building relationships with other girls. If you are a girl in the Student Ministry at Tates Creek, you are invited to sign up for a focused summer study on a book of the Bible. This Bible study will be held at the Lawson’s house weekly. Please sign up with Amy if you are interested.

The summer is a great time to build relationships. Our goal this summer is to really build those relationships. We would love to spend time with as many of you as possible. Our house will always be open and we hope you will join us this summer. If you cannot make it to our house we would love to grab some food with you. You can always reach me on my cell phone 859-221-5605 or on social media!

~ Geoff Lawson

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