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Fishers of Men

On a boat off the coast of Northwest Haiti, the team I was leading inched closer to a little fishing village called KaPaFu. We traveled to KaPaFu to encourage and build relationships with locals.  We disembarked from our boat and watched a fisherman prepare his large net for the new day.  One person on my team asked, “How much for your net?”  The fisherman replied, “This net is my work.”  My teammate said, “I know. Would you take $20 for it?  You can then buy a new one.”  The man smiled and excitedly handed us his smelly fishing net.  My teammate was joking of course but that fisherman was serious.  That day we used the net as a symbol to teach how God wanted believers to unite together, each holding their portion of the net to bring in the harvest.

Jesus described the kingdom of God as a net “that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish” (Matthew 13:47).  The net in Jesus’ day, as in the example above, required many people to hold the net to bring in the harvest of fish. In the same way, the fulfillment of the Great Commission requires all who claim allegiance to Christ to actively be involved.  The call to God and allegiance to God’s kingdom elicit outward response.  Discipleship is not for its own sake.  Simply, God calls and sends people into service equipped with spiritual gifts to extend his reign on the earth.

As we wade into this series of multiplying workers, much can be said about the need and importance of more people being invested and involved in  multiplying God’s Kingdom.  We have the potential here at Tates Creek to band together and reach out to every individual in our community but we are still not done with God’s mission.  No matter how big a revival we experience, our area is still only a small part of the world that God has sent us to transform through His gospel.

As I rode on the boat to the fishing village, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite worships songs, “Oceans,” that says, “You call me out upon the waters, The great unknown where feet may fail, And there I find You in the mystery, In oceans deep, My faith will stand.”  Later in the song it ends saying, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, Let me walk upon the waters, Wherever You would call me, Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, And my faith will be made stronger, In the presence of my Savior, I will call upon Your name, Keep my eyes above the waves, My soul will rest in Your embrace, I am Yours and You are mine.”

Geoff Lawson

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