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Update from the Selbys in Ethiopia

Greetings from Nekempte, Ethiopia!  It is a great joy to say “from Nekempte” because it means that we have moved into our actual field of service.  We officially moved to Nekempte on March 7, and April 22 marked completion of our  first year of ministry in Ethiopia.  We have been busy negotiating contracts, settling in, building relationships and finding a home here.  And to top it all off, we are expecting our second child (due September 2)!  Needless to say, life is full these days.

Our move to Nekempte has filled us with joy, hope, and expectation. We are blessed especially to now live in a place where we can use and practice our new language skills in Oromiffa every day.  (In Addis Ababa, it was challenging to find Oromiffa speakers).  As our language ability grows and we form new friendships among the Oromo in Nekempte, we are full of hope for the work we are beginning here as we come alongside the church to help establish a college ministry.


Already, we have met many college students within the church.  Living in Nekempte gives our hope for this ministry a clearer shape:  we can envision how these young students are the future of the church.  Our hope is that we can help to deepen the students’ relationship to Christ and to broaden their vision to reach out to their neighbors so that ultimately a strong foundation for the future church in Ethiopia might be built. With God’s help and guidance, we are eagerly starting out on this ministry in Nekempte.

Thank you for your partnership, love, and support.

Tyler, Katie, and Ruby Selby

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