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The Harvest

Right now in our nation’s center a yearly event is happening.  That event is the wheat harvest where  custom combine companies start in the south where the wheat ripens earliest and by summer’s end find themselves bumping on our nation’s northern border.  Many people in this part of the country are probably unfamiliar with what custom combining is all about.  If they are familiar with it, few have likely had the opportunity to witness three or more huge 32 row combines running side by side thru a 1,000 acre wheat field day and night.   It is a sight that is majestic and wondrous to behold.  What once would take a lone farmer a month to accomplish can now be accomplished in days or even hours.  Many farmers have determined not to invest in their own combine, which in this day and time could cost them more than their home.  They instead contract with a custom combining group to do it for them, and the combination of the size and number of the combines makes quick work of even the largest fields.

In Matthew’s gospel, the writer speaks of Jesus’ teaching considering the harvest, and central in that teaching is the idea that more workers are needed.  Just as farmers planting bigger fields found they needed more and bigger combines because of the enormity of the task, so also, Jesus clearly viewed the multitude of lost souls as an enormous task.  He told us to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out workers into His field.  As beautiful and majestic as it is to see the coordination of combines harvesting wheat, it pales in comparison to the beauty and majesty of the saints coordinating efforts for the salvation of souls.  Brothers and sisters, the Lord never intended on us doing the work alone but rather together.  The multiplication of efforts and the multiplication of talents is the only way the task can be completed and it is the only way to keep us as individuals from becoming depleted.

Farming is far different today from the time the Lord spoke about when He spoke about the harvest, but the principle is the same.  Success depends on the multiplying of efforts and resources, not from working alone.  If not already a part of it, why not sign on to be part of the greatest, most inspiring and magnificent harvest.  That is the Lord’s harvest.

Kim Beckwith

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