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Memories for a Lifetime

Back in January, my wife and I traveled to Orlando, Florida for a Children’s Ministry Conference.  Since we were close to Disney, we spent a lot of our free time at Disney Springs.  While there, we ate dinner at The Rainforest Café.  This year’s theme for VBS (June 9-13) is Safari themed so I was curious to see how they brought things to “life”.  The environment and the staff were way above what I expected. From robotic moving animals to the sounds and a huge “erupting” volcano, I simply sat amazed.  As we were leaving, I told a manager that we were going to be talking to our kids in Kentucky shortly via Facetime, and asked what time the volcano would go off again.  His reply, “It goes off every 30 minutes, but if your kids don’t get to see it just let me know.  I will have them set it off again.”

To me this was crazy!  A guy I had never met cared enough about investing into kids he will probably never meet, to make sure they had that special memory.  Later, we called the kids and the volcano didn’t go off.  I sought out the manager, asked him about the volcano, and he immediately called his technician to set it off again.  The more amazing thing to me was that the man’s shift was nearly over, he had served his time for the day, and could have chosen to just walk away.  He didn’t.  He chose to make a memory.

When I left that night from Disney Springs, I wondered if this would happen at our church.  There is no doubt in my mind that we have an amazing team serving in our children’s ministry areas!  I also don’t question whether or not we have a loving and generous church.  We have people that are going above and beyond each week to connect kids to Jesus.  They willingly are on schedules that serve in either one month blocks, 2 week rotations, or once a month.  They serve at special events like Egg Hunts, Movie Nights, Vacation Bible School (July 9-13), drive buses for Day Camp, Pit Crew, or Party in the Park.  They are dedicated and they understand the reason why we do what we do in children’s ministry.

As we round the corner toward another Summer full of activities from camps to Vacation Bible School we also are trying new things.  We desire to connect kids to Jesus; however we can!  We started a preteen ministry for 4th-6th graders this month, because we want them to know they are an essential part of the church.  We have named this group Stretch 456!  We are reprogramming things in Uptown so that our youngest Elementary kids are taught lessons at their level.  At VBS, we will do it as big as we can.  For all of these things… we need YOU!  Will you join our team and make memories that won’t just last a lifetime.  Instead, they will last an eternity!  Join us!

Matt Lee

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