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Legacy of Faith

It was the summer of 1970 when my parents came to me and told me I was being moved out to the garage, bed dresser, and all.  Now it was an adventure for me due to the fact that the garage was on the opposite side of the house from where the rest of the bedrooms were, particularly my parent’s room.  That meant I could play the radio and record player as loud and late as I wanted.  The reason I was sent to the garage was not due to my desire to play loud music, but rather due to the fact that my grandmother was coming to stay for the summer.   I will never forget that summer because of the adventure I had in living in the garage.  But there is something else that reminds me of that summer.  It was during that summer of 1970 that my grandmother walked forward on a Sunday morning’s invitation hymn and expressed her desire to complete her obedience to the Lord in Christian baptism.

My grandmother was not new to the faith.  She was a faithful member of a denominational church in her home town that sprinkled rather than immersed.  Through her study and discussions with my mother and the minister at our home church, she became convinced that she needed to be baptized by immersion.  She did that because she was a woman of great faith all of her life and one who refused to be found wanting in her faith and obedience.  My mother found her faith from that woman.  My mother, too, was a woman of great faith who would not be found wanting in her faith and obedience.  I found my faith from my mother, my daughter found faith in our home, and her daughter, our granddaughter, was baptized into Christ by that same faith passed down.  Now, I don’t know if my grandmother was the first in the faith or if she received it through her mother and father.  I can only chronicle it through 5 generations, but I do know it started somewhere, this legacy of faith.  I’m thankful that it did.  It has to start somewhere, leaving a legacy of faith, so why not with you?  It’s truly the greatest legacy you can leave because it’s the only legacy that will last forever!

Kim Beckwith

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