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Praying Workers – Nehemiah 1

“As soon as I heard these words, I sat down and wept and mourned for days, and I continued fasting and praying before the God of heaven.” Nehemiah 1:4

God gave Nehemiah a tremendous burden for his people.  How does this fervent desire to minister and help others, come into one’s heart?  Here we see Nehemiah, living very comfortably in the King’s Palace and serving royalty.  One might say he “had it made”.  King Artaxerxes cared so much about him that he was concerned when he looked burdened and enquired about him.  He blessed his mission to re-build the wall, and sent Nehemiah with a letter of authority to build the wall.  Nehemiah was open and honest with the King and there was tremendous trust between them.  Nehemiah never lost focus on his calling.

So, let’s look at how this comes to be.  First, there is prayer and fasting before the God of heaven.  There must be an active prayer life to be passionate about God and his plans for your life.  We get to see a little of his prayer.  He is humble and repentant of what God’s people have done, he also knows God’s word and humbly, but confidently reminds God of His promises that if His people return to Him, He will bless them.  And he asked God to give him favor with the king and success with what He has called him to do.

When we come to God, allow Him to call on us with a burden to serve and help, pray and fast for clarity.  Notice he prayed to the God of Heaven, not too openly, but privately to God.  Be familiar with God’s promises and pray them and claim them.  God loves to hear us speak His word and remember Him in all of our ways.  Ask for favor and success in the mission He has given you.  Gather resources and people to help you.  Just because you are to lead, does not mean you do it alone.  In fact, seldom are people called to work alone.  God does not measure the size of the task, all things are small for a mighty God to accomplish, but He measures by the heart and how willing we are to be used as a vessel for His work.  What an exciting life to know you have been working for the King every day you live.  Jesus taught us to say “not my will but Your will be done”.  No matter what life brings your way, God is right there with you, planning, crying, rejoicing right along with you, saying well done my good and faithful servant.  Life passes quickly, and death awaits us all.  At 84, my dad used to say, “Life has sure flown by.”  Let’s make everyday count so magnificently, whether it’s just being kind with a smile or changing the course of your life, as long as God is in charge, it is good.

Nadine Lear

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