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A Mother’s Legacy

Since Mother’s Day is this month, permit me to share some thoughts of our Christian family legacy shining ever brightly through my Mom.  Since my Dad passed away three years ago, many of you are very kind and thoughtful to ask me about my Mom.  I sincerely appreciate your interest and concern about her.  Of course, she greatly misses Dad.  We talk of him often.  To answer the question as to how she is doing, I reply that she is doing well.  She keeps busy.  She continues to live on the farm.  Even though my brother, Scotty, and his family live very close by and take care of many things for her, she still mows her three-plus-acre yard.  She raised a large garden last year and is planning to raise a large garden this summer.  Last year, she, along with the help of family, canned over three hundred quarts of green beans.  She always shares over sixty quarts of green beans with Zella and me each year.  She relates that she knows we host many people in our home, and that is her way of helping us.

Mom hosts a small group her in home every Sunday evening.  The members of the group are great about bringing in food for their group.  However, I have a strong hunch that Mom adds greatly to the menu each Sunday evening.  Speaking of cooking, Mom helps with preparing funeral luncheons hosted at their church as well as helping with meal preparation for the Men’s monthly fellowship meetings.  Mom went to Haiti last summer on a mission trip, and the Lord willing, she is planning to go again this summer.  Pretty well to be eighty-one years of age!  (Please do not let her know that I shared her age.)

Even though Dad’s passing has been three years, Mom’s faith continues to grow stronger.  Her commitment to our Lord and His Church and her involvement in the Lord’s Church continue to inspire her family and friends.  Proverbs 31:25 says, “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future.”  That’s my Mom!

Tommy Simpson

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