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God is Our Provider

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a glass of cold spring water on a hot afternoon, a cold shower after mowing the lawn, a dive into a stream after a long hike, or sometimes a glass of lemonade fresh out of the refrigerator.  Being satisfied means you’ve been filled, you want nothing more, and that the thirsty longing has been quenched.

That’s exactly how Jesus satisfies.  To have Him means that you have it all.  To trust Him means that your needs are met.  To know Him is to realize that He is your dearest, most faithful companion.  The next time you pour a cold drink on a hot afternoon, pause and praise the Lord for the way He quenches your thirst.  Wellspring of water overcomes, subdues, fulfills, and satisfies like nothing else, like no one else.

Garnett Langley

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