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Exalt Christ in the Home – Ephesians 5:22-33


Did you know there are just two places in the Bible where Jesus was “marveled”?  Mark 6:1-6 states that Jesus “marveled” at the unbelief of His own hometown friends and family! It was so bad that He did not do a mighty work there!  He left!

In contrast, the other place Jesus marveled is found in Luke 7:1-10.  Jesus “marveled” at the great faith of the centurion.  This non-Jewish soldier understood and believed that Jesus did not need to see his sick servant to heal him!

Why is it, that at times those of us who should know and believe in Jesus are the last to demonstrate our faith in Him?  I want to marvel the Messiah the way the centurion did!  I pray that if Jesus walked into my home at this very moment, He would see that He is first!

My family and I do some of the things most Christian families do; we attend church, pray together and tithe but I know there is much more we can do.   I realized quickly that I am very lacking in this area!  I decided to ask a few of my family and friends what they did to exalt Jesus in their homes.  To my surprise and honestly, to my relief, I found that we all felt inadequate in exalting Jesus.  My eighty-one year old mother, whom I compare to the Proverbs 31 woman, admitted that she should have done more to put Christ first in her home.  We all agree that it is our heart’s desire to exalt Jesus every day!  Here are a few things that we strive to do:

  1. Pray together as a family, even in public. Your goal is to make prayer a priority, thanking God for all things.
  2. Have a family prayer request list, acknowledging when prayers are answered.
  3. Wives and husbands should be emotionally and physically faithful to each other in all ways. Remember, our children are watching our example.
  4. Wives and husbands should show each other in the BEST light, not highlighting faults and failures, especially in front of others.
  5. Families should demonstrate forgiveness and mercy to each other when feelings have been hurt. We are to forgive as Christ has forgiven us.
  6. Families should give each other the gift of unconditional love. We may not always approve of their choices but we still love them.
  7. Strive to make your home a safe haven for your family. Putting Jesus first will eventually lead to a place of peace where all will know they are welcomed and loved.

I am certain our Lord would not want us to feel defeated and inadequate but rather motivated in finding meaningful and creative ways to demonstrate our faith in Him.

A good friend of mine left me with this thought,  “If you or I were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict us?”

If Jesus entered our homes today, I pray that He find an abundance of mounting evidence of our love for Him.  I pray that He would be greatly pleased and possibly, quite possibly be marveled at our witness.

Mary Mirre

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