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Exalt the Father of Christ – Ephesians 5:1-21

“Two young boys are talking about their fathers.  One says, “My Dad is the strongest person in the world.”  The other boy answers back. “Oh yeah, well my Dad can whip your Dad with one hand tied behind his back!”

What are these boys doing?  Well, among other things, they are “exalting” their Dads by their words.  Each one thinks his Dad is the greatest and wants the other to know it.  Exalting someone simply means to do all we can to ‘lift up’ that person in such a way that others will honor, and want to know that person.  Paul challenges us in this passage to exalt the Father by imitating him like children imitate their parents (vs. 1).  “How do we do that?”  Glad you asked.  Paul indicates we do it by the way we live.

First, he instructs us to live a life chacterized by love.  He’s talking about the kind of love Jesus demonstrated, not the “love” you hear and see in movies, books, and TV.  Jesus’ love motives you to live a pure life like Him.  When we live that kind of life, people want to know why.  They may ridicule us for it, but they often secrectly respect and long for that kind of life themselves, and we have opportunity to testify that it is possible only by the power of the Father.  He is exalted by that kind of life!

Secondly, Paul says we exalt the Father when we live our life according to the light of His Truth.  As you are well aware, we live in a time when many claim whatever necessary to promote their agenda; true or not.  It’s harder and harder to know the truth, but we can accept the Father’s word as always being true and as we live by that truth we “exalt” the Father.

Lastly (preacher’s points!), we are to live our lives in the wisdom of the Father.  So we seek the filling of His Spirit through worshipping together as we exalt the Father in our praise and thanksgiving, even in the hard times.  And we look forward to the day He ‘lifts us up’ from this world to be in His Exalted Presence!

Ken Jurgens

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