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Barnabas Ministry

A Helping Hands Ministry. . . provided through the Men’s Ministry Team

The Barnabas Ministry started as a response to a growing need to help those in our congregation who have physical needs they cannot do for themselves.  This is especially true of widows/widowers and elderly members of Tates Creek Christian Church.  These needs include things like simple home maintenance and repairs, yard work, snow removal, moving furniture, etc.  It also may include transportation needs such as getting to the store, a doctor’s appointment, or just odd jobs that need to be done.

If you have a need, simply contact Chris Lee at 859-684-7240 or by email at chris@heritagemortgageconsultants.com.  We will post the need to our roster of men and see who can help, then contact to make arrangements to complete the task.  This Ministry helps fill a need to so many of our members, and provides a rewarding method for our Men to serve.  As our needs grow, we are always looking for more fellas to join our helping hands list.  If want to be included on the roster please contact Chris Lee and give him your phone and email. ~ Chris  Lee

Here is a note from the Rieffer family who needed help a couple months ago.

   “My parents, Ric & Hope Rieffer, attend your church. Several of your church’s members showed up this past Saturday to help my parents move.  I work in the morning on the weekends and couldn’t get there till 12:30 to help.  I was blown away when I arrived to discover all these people who’d nearly already completed the move.  And it wasn’t like these were close friends of the family. I’m not even sure my parents knew everyone, or maybe anyone. 

   It was so heartwarming to see so many people joyfully giving their time and service to people they don’t even know – especially to move, which is maybe the least desirable favor anyone can ask of someone.  Without their help, it would’ve taken my brother, my wife, and I all day Saturday, Sunday, and likely the following weekend to complete the move.  We’d already checked into pricing for the move and it was just going to be too expensive. 

   My parents were involved in ministry for many years before becoming teachers and retiring. It seems to me that every time they’re in need and ask God for help, He delivers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed it. Also, for as long as I can remember, my dad has never said no to anyone in need. And obviously, you have several people like him within your congregation. I’m extremely thankful for them.

   Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!“    ~ Daniel Rieffer

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