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Exalt Christ’s Gift – Ephesians 4:1-16

In this Scripture, Paul calls on all Christians to live lives worthy of their calling and to walk in unity in the church.  We are unified by our belief in one Lord, one faith and one baptism.  Christ has given each one of us grace according to His will, so that we all have some gift to use for the kingdom of God.  Those who have special gifts are to use their gifts for the body and are to equip others for service.  Christ chose the Twelve as apostles for the establishment of the church and to spread the original message of the gospel.  Paul was chosen by the resurrected Christ as apostle to the Gentiles.  In the first century church, there were others commissioned as missionaries for the spread of the gospel.  Prophets spoke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, bringing messages from God to the church.

In the modern church, evangelists are gifted by God to proclaim the gospel to the unsaved.  Pastors and elders are chosen and gifted to oversee the church and to care for its spiritual needs. Teachers have gifts to clarify and explain God’s Word in order to build up the church.

Those who are gifted to be leaders of the church are to use their gifts to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the church will be built up, and so that we will have unity in faith and knowledge of Christ.   This will bring us maturity in Christian faith, so that we will not be misled by false teaching, but will be able to speak the truth in love, and will function as one body, the church, with each member doing its work.

Everyone has gifts which can be used in service of Christ.  There is something everyone can do in Christian service, to help others and for the glory of God. Some are chosen and gifted to render practical assistance to members of the church.

Terry Morrison

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