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Spiritual Blessings in Christ

Ephesians 1:1-14

In the newsfeed of your life, how have you been “#blessed”?  Recently I searched Facebook with this familiar hashtag and found an array of results.  There was everything from babies and kittens, to an Olympic athlete winning the gold.  I saw pictures of toes in the sand, and celebrities winning awards.  There was even a new flavor of Oreo cookies that was deemed worthy to be called a blessing.

In our American culture of abundance, it’s possible that we overuse and even trivialize the word blessed. What about the broken family in your neighborhood, the friend with the terminal diagnosis, or the single mother in a remote village across the globe? Or perhaps even yourself, are you hurting and wondering where the blessings can be found in your life?

While the struggles on earth are many, they are but temporary. The true blessings, the spiritual blessings, are eternal. And they are for anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord.

A few years ago, we brought two children into our family through adoption. They came to us with nothing but the clothes on their backs. However, when we arrived home, they instantaneously had access to an abundance of clothing, food, toys, and love. They were granted every privilege given to the other children in our family.

The same is true with the family of God. We are adopted through Jesus Christ and have been blessed with ‘every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places’. We have been redeemed by the blood of Christ and forgiven of our sins. This is by the grace of God, which is ‘lavished upon us.’  As believers in Christ, we have an inheritance awaiting us. Until then, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of these eternal riches.

So, while your earthly timeline may not be filled with health, wealth, or even happiness, be assured that as a child of God, you are blessed beyond measure. And the joy and peace that comes with this knowledge is greater than anything this earth has to offer.

Dana McReynolds

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