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“Hang In There!” . . . we’ve all heard that from time to time.   While we appreciate the encouragement it’s not always as easy as it sounds when life’s storms come passing by.  Some of these storms are big ones like many in our church family are experiencing right now.   In this passage, God is telling the church in Philadelphia to hang in there.  He knows their trials and he knows they are getting weak, but he is coming soon if they will just endure.   He made us the same promise, yet we still can sway back and forth in our faith when times get tough.  I think that’s because, as humans, we naturally see things from only our earthly perspective whereas God keeps trying to get us to see things from his heavenly point of view. What makes this more difficult is the world today is also working hard to distract us and separate us from our faith.  They use things that happen in this world to convince us God must not care or why would he let these things happen.    But we know he told us this life is the journey not the destination.   This is not the perfect world – that world awaits.  He made no secret that trials will come but they will not last and our reward is coming if we will just endure.  He said, “I am coming soon, hold on to what you have so that no one will take your crown – I have opened a door for you that no one can shut”.  This is not just a hope, it’s a PROMISE!      Because of this promise, as Christians, isn’t every day here on earth really just another day in the eternal life we’ve already started?  If so, we just need to make it through this beginning journey with a strong faith and we WILL reach our destination together.  All he asks of us is to trust him, remain steadfast, and help each other along the way.  Keeping a heavenly perspective is one way to do just that.

~ Chris Lee, Men’s Ministry Leader

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