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Pure – Revelation 2:18-29

As a young nursing student at Marshall University, one of the first things I learned to do was to take a patient’s vital signs. That is because vital signs are used to evaluate a person’s general physical condition and are an important part of a nursing assessment. We were asked to practice these on a regular basis so that we could become proficient at doing them. In my current nursing job, I work with newborns and their mothers. Vital signs are also measured on newborns. Most of the newborns I see are normal and have strong vital signs, but from time to time we have a mother who has used drugs during her pregnancy. This can alter the infant’s vital signs and also their overall health. Unfortunately, this “impurity” in the infant’s body can harm him/her.
Likewise, this is true for us in a spiritual way. When we put things into our spiritual body that cause us to be “impure” then we can expect it to alter our vital signs and our overall spiritual health. In Revelation 2:18-29 the church at Thyatira was commended for their love, faith, perseverance, and doing more than they did at first. However, Thyatira had also been doing things that caused “impurity”. They were involved in compromise and false teaching. This made an impact on the spiritual health and vital signs of the church. The immorality and unrepentant spirit of Thyatira caused suffering not only for her but also for her children.
As a Christian, I want to do everything I can to live an upright and “pure” life before my Heavenly Father. This includes putting into my spiritual body those things that will strengthen me such as daily Bible reading and study, prayer, and regular church attendance.
In Revelation 2:26-28, the overcomers and those who do the will of the Father until the end, will be given authority over the nations and also will be given the morning star. May this encourage all of us to live “pure” lives.

Carol Ann Martin

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