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Senior Adult Ministry Update

It is hard to imagine that a new year is now upon us, but imagination is not reality. The reality is 2017 is upon us and with it a host of activity. Some of these activities are new and some of them are continuing from years past, but all of them are our opportunities to live life together in the Lord. First of all, our Pairs and Spares Banquet is just around the corner and we are currently registering for this grand event. If you are new in our midst, or didn’t participate last year, just ask someone who did and I am certain you will want to be part of it this year. Seating is limited for this event which is going to be held the evening of Friday, February 10, so get your registration in right away to secure your place. Registration cut-off will be January 31, don’t delay.

Another activity is our Senior Saints in the Smokies which is scheduled for June 5-9. We always take a good group to this great program and we will begin registering for this soon. Along with these special events our monthly BWAC meeting continues as do our monthly day trips. As the Apostle Paul requested when he said “make my joy complete by being likeminded” so also we would like you to be like minded with us in seeing that the best times in the Lord’s kingdom are the times spent together in fellowship. For those who have reached those years often referred to as “golden”, join us for our 2017 programs. The years might not be golden, but the fellowship we enjoy certainly is!

Kim Beckwith

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