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Critterland Update

Multiply certainly seems a fitting title for the Critterland hallway going into 2017.  Last year we saw the birth of more than 14 babies to members and regular attenders in our church (we usually average 4 a year).  Most were firstborn babies, some were second children, and there are still more expecting this year!  We’ve also seen quite a few additions to the older classrooms with membership transfers, and these children have jumped right into our program and taken off running!  God has blessed our congregation with these new little ones, and every time I meet one I just get more excited to see them grow here at Tates Creek.  Because we have had such a boom in our numbers, I would like to ask a favor.  I know you see ‘Volunteers needed’ all the time in articles and bulletins, but it is not just me asking for help babysitting.  I am asking for your help investing in the newest lives of our church.  I am asking that you come and help us teach these children that they are loved, they matter, and they are a part of something absolutely breathtaking.  Would you like to be a part of our team?

Lesley Tipton

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