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Multiply and Disciple

A couple of years ago, I was talking missions with a cousin. Our conversation was definitely arranged by God because it was exactly what I needed to hear. I was at a place with the orphanage that I didn’t know what to do. God had placed something heavy on my heart that I couldn’t just shrug away.
As we were talking, she told me a story about the organization she serves with and a dream the founder had. In the dream she was driving down a very busy road when a bus full of children drove off the road into the water. The bus was slowing going under. In her mind the woman thought about diving in and saving as many kids as she could. However, before she dove into the water she realized the number of cars speeding by her. Without another thought, she flagged down 5 other cars. These 5 cars flagged down others and soon nearly a hundred people were jumping into the water to save the children.
After my cousin’s story, I had a new realization for what I needed to do. I needed to tell everyone I knew about the need at the orphanage. The need was greater than I could meet on my own with my abilities and skills. If we were truly going to help the children it would take a team! Now a few years later the team has grown to a size I can’t even count. More people are connected to this orphanage than I would have ever imagined. Some are prayer warriors and others are financial donors.
This lesson I continue to learn daily about multiplying and discipling continues to be a method used in the children’s ministry. We are blessed to have nearly 200 people serving on rotations, but to be honest there are still more workers needed. There are more workers needed because there are still families in our community that don’t know the message of Jesus and we have to get to them before they slip away. There are families struggling to stay afloat in their marriages and the devil is working overtime to drown them.
For some reason, in the American church, we still struggle to get the idea of multiplying. Why? Is it because we don’t see the need of people slowly drifting away from the church and into death? Are we too comfortable in our pews and classes to look out the window toward the lost? Have we become consumed and focused on figuring out why the lost are lost rather than just going to rescue them, afraid they might reject us? Could it be that since we don’t know the exact time Jesus is coming back that we don’t think there is an urgency? Whatever the reason, it’s not an accident that our focus in 2017 is about multiplying. I believe the focus has been arranged by the Creator of our churches’ story!

Matt Lee

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