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Myanmar Christian Village

“I’ll be home for Christmas”. . . . . This popular Christmas song floods each of us with memories of home at Christmas. The sad fact is that millions of children around the world have no place to call home. TCCC partnering with Hopeful Hearts Foundation is stepping up to change that for children in Myanmar a primarily Buddhist country in central Asia.
In October 2015 the TCCC Missions Ministry Team made the decision to use undesignated missions funds in the amount of $10,000 to build one of the cottages at the Hopeful Hearts Children’s Village in Myanmar. This project under the direction of Bob and Kathy Drane from the Hopeful Hearts Foundation includes a ten acre village comprised of 10 cottages. Each home will provide a Christian home for 20–25 children. A church for the village is under construction and should be completed within a month. There will be several agricultural projects including a piggery, a diary and a mushroom farm. The goal is to teach the children how to become sustainable by living in a healthy family environment immersed in Christian values.
The Village is Hopeful Hearts effort to make a difference in the lives of orphans and children at risk, displaced by poverty, civil war, and devastating natural disasters. Most of all it is an opportunity for children who have not heard about the saving grace of Jesus Christ to come to know Him. The Village provides a loving environment where children will not be persecuted for their Christian faith. Myanmar is one of the most impoverished nations on earth.
Hopeful Hearts’ faithful partner, Samuel Thang, oversees the village, and a local group of pastors assists him. Hopeful Hearts partners with the management team and provides training and support. Additionally, Samuel and his wife Mercy lovingly care for 94 children in their home located not far from the Village.
Fast forward to January 2017—the cottage paid for by TCCC missions funds has been built and is occupied. Possibilities are being explored to provide TCCC individuals an opportunity to travel to Myanmar during 2017 to visit and work in the village. More information–dates, costs, projects, etc.– will be announced if plans develop.
In addition to Myanmar, Hopeful Hearts now has orphanages in Indonesia, Haiti, India, Sri Lanka, and Cuba.


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