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Helping to Make Wilson’s Story Possible

During 2010-2012 when our missionaries in Kenya, Shawn and Kristin Redford, were focused on training African national church leaders to become the next generation of missionaries for Africa, TCCC sent missions funds to provide partial scholarships for several young men at Africa International University (AIU). These men who grew up in remote villages, herding cattle and goats, had a strong desire for training and reaching others for Christ. They balanced family life, AIU studies, full or part-time jobs, and service in their churches. One of the men, Kutinkala Wilson, graduated from AIU in July 2016 with a degree in Theology and now teaches at a Bible College in Narok and at Community Christian Church’s Bible Training Institute. He serves as pastor of the Isinon Christian Church in Maasailand, and is chair of Community Christian Mission Agency. The following excerpt is from a recent “thank-you letter” from Kutinkala Wilson to TCCC for the scholarship funds.

Friends: I am Kutinkala Meingati Wilson, a beneficiary of scholarship funds… May you be abundantly blessed. What amazes me most is “how a person can choose to invest (donate) for someone you don’t know.” This is faith in practice, obedience to God and ministry to the world… Friends, I therefore pass gratitude to the people who tirelessly and consistently donated toward us through CMF International… I have not had lack pertaining to my tuition fees for my studies at AIU because you donated and CMF made sure it was spent for the right purpose.
Finally, let my achievement be your joy and my development your seed and the positive impact among the generations to come be glory to God now and forever more. I am hopeful to be a positive influence as your prayers were. Roseline (my wife), our children and I appreciate a lot your generous support to us. May you all be blessed in the name of Jesus. Thanks all.

Kutinkala Meingati Wilson

And, imagine how many more will now come to follow Christ as a result!

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