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Student Ministry Update

The Student Ministry is working full steam ahead to plan out the next year with purpose. Some of those things include planning our summer mission trips, winter and spring retreats, and other fun outings. Be sure to check out our student ministry calendar of events. We plan to have some fun events for students over the holidays.
Communication is a big key for our Student Ministry and I want to make sure parents and students know what we are doing at all times. It is my goal to make sure we have plenty of avenues for you all to know what we are doing. Just a few of those ways we plan to keep parents in the loop are through social media, the church app, a new text messaging service just for Student Ministry, as well as the old fashion paper calendars.
I want to highlight one great opportunity for Middle School Students coming up this winter. The Middle School ministry is planning on taking Students to CIY Believe. It will be in Louisville the first weekend in February. Make sure your middle schooler is signed up for this event. You can grab an info pack from the Middle School room that has all the details and answers any questions you might have.
If I have not met you or your student yet, I would love to get together and connect with you!

Geoff Lawson

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