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Wrapped in Prayer

Have you ever heard the saying “Good food and a hug can fix just about anything”? There’s nothing quite like the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven. I can hardly wait to get a big slice of that warm toasty bread smothered in butter. That wonderful smell fills my senses and my mind is flooded with all sorts of happy memories. That’s how prayer can be as well. I really look forward to spending time with my Lord in prayer. I can almost taste the sweetness of His presence as my heart and soul are filled with grateful memories of His goodness and faithfulness throughout my life.
Then there’s something about that simple little hug too. It’s just that tender embrace that reaches through to your heart and makes everything seem a little better. And the same is true for prayer. Sometimes after a time of prayer I can feel the Lord’s gentle arms enfold me and that sense of contentment and peace fills my soul. Just knowing that He cares makes everything so much better. So for me, prayer time is kind of like good food and a hug rolled into one!

Debbie Beckwith

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