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Preschool Ministry Update

November is all about giving thanks, and this month I wanted to highlight someone in particular for whom I am thankful. Each ministry here at Tates Creek has core members that help keep things running smoothly, and Critterland is no different. Maia, Joan, Sara, and all of my other volunteers are always there for their scheduled shift, and are willing to do extra when needed. I love them all dearly and couldn’t imagine my area without any of them. But I would be in much trouble if Tara Waters wasn’t as involved. For the four and a half years I have been the preschool director, Tara has come along beside me and done anything asked of her, without complaint. She helps make all of the children feel welcomed and loved. Tara will leave service when it’s not her scheduled month to walk a baby around because she is the only one that can calm him down. She, as well as her boys and husband, will come early and stay late for any event that is going on church wide to set up and tear down. She is truly one of the great ones. Thank you Tara, from myself and all our kids.

Lesley Tipton

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