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Catching Up with Judy Fish

Judy Fish recently reminisced about her 17 years as a missionary nurse with CMF. The first seven years (four in Ethiopia and 3 in Ivory Coast) were spent living in mud huts and providing medical services to the poorest of the poor in rural areas. She “loved living among the people, entering their culture, learning their language, and sharing the Gospel. It was a humbling and rewarding time.”
In 2008 she had the opportunity to create a ministry with broader impact which continues today. She began traveling to various CMF mission fields where she trained missionaries and their national partners in the principles of CHE–Community Health Evangelism. In these third world countries, people have no understanding of the correlation between good health and such things as potable water, personal hygiene, and basic sanitation. They daily battle such preventable ailments as intestinal worms and parasites, diarrheal diseases that are often fatal to children, plus fungal and bacterial skin infections. She would spend up to three months in an area providing health services and opening a way to the gospel.
As a result of advancing global technology, she can provide another area of assistance. Since she has spent time in these communities, she understands their culture, economics, education, government, agriculture, etc. Since she trained their leaders, she understands their abilities and assets as well as their needs. This allows her to provide mentoring and support via email, SKYPE, phone calls, etc.
Recently Judy has worked with programs in Brazil, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. She is currently in Myanmar, a country that is 90% Buddhist. She is conducting a health education seminar at Taunggyi Bible College. A majority of the students at this school are training to work in rural areas where over 65% of the people live. She is also doing basic CHE training. The target audience is pastors and community leaders of the Shan state. Judy sees this as a great blessing–to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
She expresses her appreciation for the faithful support of her TCCC family.

Judy Fish

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