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Church Membership?

Whenever Zella & I have moved to a new ministry, one of the very first things we have done is move our membership! Why did we do that? We wanted the people to know that we desired to be a part of their fellowship and to identify with them as soon as possible. We wanted them to know that we were ready to serve right alongside of them.
Questions we often hear are: “Is church membership in the Bible?” “Is moving your membership to a local church in the Bible?” “Does the Bible speak of a formal membership?” “Isn’t being a part of the family of God possible without placing formal membership?” Those are good, thoughtful questions!
Technically, the Bible does not say anything about church membership! So, what is the purpose for church membership? Why do we do it?
Placing church membership encourages that local body of Christians! It really encourages their efforts in the Kingdom of God! It blesses them! Placing church membership communicates to that local body of Christians that you desire to serve alongside them! I remember when I was growing up on the dairy farm our cousins would come over to help us haul in the hay or help us harvest the tobacco crop. Their presence coming into the field was a great boost to us, help had arrived! The work didn’t seem as grueling, taxing, or hard! When our cousins came walking into the field, we actually had fun working together! The same is true for church membership. When folks come walking up the aisle to place membership, their decision to do that really blesses the local body of Christians! Church membership is not a requirement to serve in many areas of ministry at Tates Creek Christian! However, church membership is a requirement to be a teacher or a leader such as an Elder, Deacon, or Ministry Team Leader.
I also think church membership is much more meaningful than being a part of a club; church membership is very special! It is saying that I want to be a part of your church family! Now, being a part of family is very precious! In our church family, we laugh together; cry together; pray together; study together; serve together; and worship our Lord together!
If you are not a member of Tates Creek, we would love to have you!
I love being a member of the Tates Creek Christian Church Family!

Tommy Simpson

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