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The B’s of Church Members

As I write this article, we as a congregation are about to embark on a journey together, learning or reinforcing what it means to be a church member. Some of us will jump into reading the book I Am a Church Member with enthusiasm, others with a sense of apprehension. Why? Because we may learn that being a church member may warrant change. And lets face it, change in what we think, believe, and do is quite often difficult. I am hoping that we all can fall into the first category and anticipate how we can grow into being a better member of the local church.
I have not yet read the book as I am writing this about 10 days before we start our journey, but please allow me to share a few things I have learned in being a church member since age 9…a long time ago!
B faithful in church attendance. We are finding some alarming statistics regarding church attendance in recent years. Many feel that they are “active” members if they attend a worship service every 4-6 weeks. In former days, if someone was absent from worship for a week or two, we were checking up on them to see if they were ill, traveling, or absent because of a problem. Now, it is more difficult to know since weekly church attendance is on the wane. How can we feel that we truly belong if we miss out on the teaching, fellowship, and contact that we need by gathering with fellow Christians? We were not created to be on the Christian journey alone.
B involved in at least one ministry of the local church. Those who do more than sit in the pew find great joy in serving. Yes, it does require more of us, but knowing that we are giving of ourselves in helping where we are needed brings a greater sense of being a part of God’s Kingdom.
B concerned for the needs of other members and for those who need to know Jesus. It is so easy to become comfortable in looking at our needs and to forget that someone sitting near us or on our street may need us. I remember the song that was popular when I graduated from high school and was sung at our commencement: “No Man Is an Island.”
These three B’s do not provide an exhaustive list, but do provide a starting points for us. I know from experience that my life has greater purpose and joy if I focus on at least these three.

Don Seevers

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