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A Home for Our Family

I remember going to a wedding back at the beginning of the 2000’s. It was at a large church on Tates Creek Road. I remember thinking it was a very pretty place, but never thought much more about it. I had a home church of sorts in Northern Kentucky where my mother and I lived, but it wasn’t really somewhere that we went on a consistent basis.
Fast forward through the decade, Lucas and I got married and had Caitlan, but we still were not going anywhere every Sunday. We decided that we really needed to find a home for ourselves so that our daughter would be able to grow up knowing Jesus and all that He is. We ran into a family member and they invited us to come to their church, which just happens to be that same place I visited so long ago for the wedding. After only three Sundays, Lucas and I transferred membership to TCCC and haven’t looked back since. I became more involved with the preschool department, helping Judy with the little ones, and began attending a small group. We finally found what we were looking for, a home for our family. Through the years we have made such amazing friendships with so many people, and could not imagine going through life with anyone else. You may be thinking this is just because I’m a staff member, but I know that many of my friends share this same sentiment. We are there through the blessings and happy times, and we are also there to pick each other up when things drop out of nowhere and land hard. When I think of being a church member, family is what comes to the front of my mind, and there is no better one than what we have here.

Lesley Tipton

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