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Freedom in Christ

I am most definitely a creature of habit. I like routine, order, staying on schedule. I don’t like surprises (I’ve ruined many birthday and Christmas gifts) and I get very anxious when any sort of big event is thrown unexpectedly at my feet. Because of this, I tend to worry more than I should about the outcome of everything. I obsess with details, thinking all situations that could happen through to the end. My husband recently relocated back to Lexington for his job after driving to Florence for two years. You would think I’d be over the moon, and I was, but I also worried, will he like this location, the people that are there? Will we still be able to keep the family floating if there is a change in funds?

Over the years, I’ve learned that while thinking things through for a short time is an important part of being an adult, becoming sick with worry is pointless. Why? One, it doesn’t do anything to help the situation. Two, it is an insult to God and his plan. He’s put me on the path I was meant to be on, and if the situation in front of me is difficult, well, I better look through it, try to see the other side, and trudge on.

In Luke 5, can you imagine how those who met Jesus and were asked to follow him immediately felt? They dropped everything and left! The Bible doesn’t tell us their thoughts, but I’m sure witnessing this man fill their nets with fish, where previously there had been none, was reason enough to realize something great was going to happen if they went with him. As followers ourselves we need to remember this (myself included). Because we believe in Jesus, because we know the incredible things he’s done, we need to follow Him, and not question it. As we always sing in our Critterland songs, He’s Got It.

Lesley Tipton

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