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Does He Really?

If Jesus changes everything, does our life truly reflect this? Take a look at the people in the Bible who really reflected this truth. When Zacchaeus met Jesus he chose to repay anyone from whom he had taken money. When Peter, James, John, and Andrew met Jesus they left all they owned, their fishing business, their schedule, their comfort, and they followed him. Matthew left his tax collecting business. When Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus he literally did a spiritual 180 and went from persecuting Christians to leading people to Jesus. These are spiritual giants though. Clearly they possessed some supernatural ability to run with reckless abandon.

Would it help if we looked at more “normal” people with whom Jesus crossed paths? Consider the lepers that were outcast from their society. They were forced to live outside of town, wear a bell around their neck, and couldn’t come home until they were clean. Jesus passes by one day and heals them. Another time a leading officer had a dying child and Jesus healed her! Finally, his friend, Lazarus, met Jesus after he came back to life. Just think about that for a moment… Jesus brought him back to life! If those were the only lives he changed, people would still be telling stories, but he wasn’t finished. He made lame people walk, blind people see, and deaf people hear. Jesus could have kept healing and changing lives 2000 years ago, and as John stated, we wouldn’t be able to tell all the stories. Instead He did something only HE could do! He focused his ENTIRE LIFE on you and me. He left the comforts of friendships, He turned the reigns over to the disciples, and He allowed himself to be hung on a cross for you! Again, you could stop the story there and it would have been enough, but Jesus still wasn’t finished. You know how the story goes… he came back to life, ascended into heaven, and soon after, gave the Holy Spirit willingly to guide us through this thing called life.

What if our focus has been wrong this entire time? For so many years, we have been asking Jesus to step into our lives and clean up the messes we have made. We ask him to protect our families, to bring healing in desperate situations, and change us from the inside out. Then, when He does what we have been asking him to do, how do we respond. Does anything truly change? Typically not, because many times we are focused on ourselves and our situations being the end of our prayers! Not that this focus is bad or even unbiblical, because it isn’t. It’s just too small! Stop and think about it for a second… In any of the stories above, were any of their lives changed so that one particular person or family could be the sole benefactors?

Here’s the point… If Jesus changes everything then our witness should impact like it. If Jesus changes everything then our worship should sound like it. If Jesus changes everything then our hands should feel like it. If Jesus really changes everything then our church should reflect it. But how? The answer is simple… think bigger than ourselves. Think God’s Kingdom big!

Let’s try a simple mathematical equation to see if this makes sense. In simple terms 1+1=2, right? When I add Jesus into the equation something radical happens. 1+Jesus = Changed Family, workplace, and the list goes on!

Let’s keep going…
My Family + Jesus = A changed neighborhood!
My Church + Jesus = A changed city!
My City + Jesus = A changed state!
My State + Jesus = A changed country!
My Country + Jesus = A changed WORLD! (can I get an amen?)

The first step is personally answering the question, does Jesus really change everything? Then, take a look at your life and see if it is different since you met Him! If He hasn’t changed everything, is there something you are holding onto that keeps your life from being changed? Dream big and let Jesus change you!

Matt Lee

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