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Many Thanks, Nathan Koebcke!

Our College/Young Adult Sunday school class has really been growing lately. I would like to take a minute to appreciate a young man named Nathan Koebcke. He is involved in Kim Beckwith’s Wednesday morning Bible Study, he’s been singing in the choir lately, and he’s involved with lots of other things here at church.
Nathan took over as the main teacher for what we call the “YAC” (haha) the “Young Adult Class”. This class currently meets in room 106 at 9:30 am every Sunday morning. Nathan does such a great job teaching the class. He is an instructor at UK, so he definitely is a teacher at heart. Along with that, he has a deep knowledge of the scriptures and that really shows through in his teaching. His discussion-based style of teaching really keeps everyone engaged and involved. I really enjoy being able to participate in the class each and every week!
Our young adult ministry has lots of volunteers like Nathan that are not only involved in our ministry, but other ministries throughout the church as well. I love to see young people like Nathan that have taken leadership roles in the church and are setting an example for all of the believers here at Tates Creek Christian Church. Thank you Nathan!

Mike Allen

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