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Debbie and I recently enjoyed our daughter and her family visiting with us for a week. My son-in-law recently took the position of principal of the middle school where they live, and my daughter is a secretary for the grade school. They spent much of their time preparing for the start of a new school year and it was a reminder to me of the tremendous challenge our public school educators and administrators face in this changing culture. Working with other people’s children has always been both challenging and rewarding, but today, I see it as an almost impossible task. Parents have differing levels of involvement and commitment to their children’s education as well as differing outcome desires. Some parents want the public school to be a stepping stone to a good job and a secure future while others want it to be a training ground for athletic excellence. Then, unfortunately, there are some parents who seemingly just want to enjoy themselves while the school does the hard work of raising their children for them. This is nothing new for sure, but these dynamics have certainly become greater challenges for our committed educators today. There is no place where the shifting sands of this culture are being felt to a greater degree than in our public schools. That’s why we should not only pray for our children as they return to school, but also for those who have committed themselves to the task of being educators. Those educators have to work with a far different public than public school teachers did in my day. They also have to contend with a far different cultural influence today, and for the Christian educator it is an increased challenge. I’m convinced that they deserve our encouragement and prayers as they embark upon this task. No time in the past have they needed it more, as no time in the past has the task been more demanding. So, as the children go off to school let’s remember those who will be going off to school with them.

Kim Beckwith

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