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Liberia Mission Trip

The most difficult question to respond to after a mission trip is, “How was your trip?” It’s easy to give one word answers like good, great, or heartbreaking. To be honest, in our fast paced world of coming and going it almost seems like those are the answers we have time to give. I know that feeling all too well. We want to stop and listen, and I really want to stop and share, but how can I? I have to jump right back in to being an American on a hamster wheel racing through life.
After returning, for the 5th time, from visiting our orphanage in Liberia, I can’t bring myself to give this answer anymore. Instead, I have to put you into the story and try to allow you to see it for yourself. Imagine that you played with a little boy, named Shadrick, who is blind and his favorite thing to do is get scared? When you scared him he would laugh so hard his entire body shook. Imagine telling the story of your little buddy, John. Last time he would barely look at you and the seizures he was having were uncontrollable. When you last held him in your arms, 2 years ago, you prayed that his little skin and bones body would just survive the ebola storm. Now he is sitting up in a wheelchair and when you tickled him he actually smiled so big that he began to laugh. Now imagine describing to others about one of your older girls leading worship with 400 children. When she sang, she didn’t stand up in front of the kids afraid and timid, but instead used every muscle in her body to proclaim that GOD IS GOOD! Describe to those listening about the emotions you felt as a parent when you watched your oldest child connect with kids as a celebrity. Then, finally it is time to leave and you are surrounded by 23 sobbing kids, 14 broken team members, and friends that don’t want to see you go. Imagine the pain being so bad and so difficult that you walk quickly to the car to leave just to keep yourself from falling apart as the team leader.
So here’s my answer to the most difficult question… “Imagine going to live with your nieces and nephews for 10 days in the most desperate situation. Yet, instead of complaining about where they live, your relatives are grateful for everything they get and more. In fact, throughout the day you are often reminded that GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME! Then at the end of the week you have to come back home and do life in America and for the most part act like you haven’t been changed by what you experienced.”
These are real lives that we touched and the lives that touched our hearts. Please follow our team on Facebook or visit psalm823.org to find out how you can be involved. Let their lives cross with your lives and have your life changed for the better!

Matt Lee

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