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Jesus is Greater than Satan – I John 3:4-12

Jesus is greater than Satan.  How long have you known that to be true?  For me, it’s easy to read that statement, agree with it because it is a fact I’ve known since I was very young, and move on without taking the time to appreciate it and what it should mean to me.
When I first read a passage like 1 John 3:4-12, I tend to focus on the negative.  I think of the times my attitude isn’t right, the times I do things I shouldn’t do, and the times I don’t do things I should do. I don’t think I am alone in that.  Thankfully for us all, John isn’t saying that because we all sin we don’t know Jesus.  He is instead talking about what our life is characterized by.
Not only is that good news, but he also gives us two very simple ways that we can make sure our life isn’t characterized by sin.  First, do what is right.  Second, love one another.  As an example of their importance, when Jesus was asked about the greatest commandment he responds with love God and love people, essentially the same thing John says we should be characterized by.
How are you doing with those two things?  Do you always do what is right, or is there something that you can’t help doing or something you don’t do that you know is the right thing to do?  Do you love everyone you come into contact with?  Not just put up with them or like them, but do you really love them?
We all know we have room to improve in those areas.  We can make improvements on our own, but to really improve through our major struggles, we must rely on the fact that Jesus is greater than Satan and came to destroy his work, to take away our sin.  Will you rely on this fact to make sure your life is the life of a child of God?  He is ready to help if you will let him.

Nathan Koebcke

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