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Jesus is Greater than Darkness – I John 2:7-17

It seems we live in a world that continues to demand more and more of our time to just complete daily tasks.  Our work lives are filled with schedules that require us to make every attempt to multi-task just to keep up.  In the past few years technology has been available that promises ways to communicate anytime and anywhere.  Partner this with software applications that allow us to check email, review schedules, and social media, as well as text work, friends, and family nonstop; we can be connected 24 hours a day.
Once our work day is complete, family activities are another demand on our time and attention.  Whether it be home work, ball games, recitals, as well as the chauffeuring required for all of those extracurricular activities.  Don’t forget the laundry, meals, and daily housework waiting to fill what time we have left.
Once our tasks are complete and we take time to contemplate our daily lives, we may discover that we strive to be more efficient, but have less free time for our walk with God.  We are technologically available, yet feel disconnected and lonely.  We fill our schedules, but our lives seem emptier. We look at ourselves and find we have neglected the thing that needs to be first on our list of priorities.  We have not spent quality time in God’s word, nor have we spent time in prayer, and are too exhausted to attend mid-week church services or small groups.  We are slaves to planning activities, but lose focus on leading our family.  Instead of growing in the light of Christ, we are growing in darkness, tired, and distracted.
The enemy can, and will, purposely distract us with even the good things in this world so we are spiritually weakened.  Let’s not be fooled; the enemy is clever, and it is not always the things that are obviously “wrong” or “evil” that ensnare us.  He is the master of lies, and we are all vulnerable to his traps.  As Christians we have an advantage.  The Holy Spirit can help us in recognizing these traps, but we must continue to mature and grow in the Spirit.  We must strive to live in the world without being of the world; vigilant and faithful in our walk.  Prayer, study in the word, and being aware of our spiritual growth is what gives us the discernment to recognize the attack of the enemy.  John emphasizes to the early church in his letter that faith must be action.  We must walk the walk!  This is how we grow and conquer spiritually.

Greg Wheeler

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